Mid Autumn Festival [forest lake parent-child cycling 2-day camp] challenge 15km healthy cycling around the lake, stay in the ecological

When it comes to holidays, my parents have a headache that there is no place to place the “divine animal” in the family.

They have too much energy.

They live in the invincible lake view room in the 2-day camp of Mid Autumn Festival · forest lake cycling.

The challenge of 15km cycling around the lake in the natural oxygen bar and the green space sports project are also pleasant to live and play.

Come to the mountains and rivers to feel the joy of sports! Activity highlights: comfortable parent-child trip | natural oxygen bar, stay in ecological lake view room our destination is surrounded by forests, and the natural oxygen bar accompanied by mountains and lakes.

Priority is given to stay in ecological lake view room, with a panoramic view of the lake and mountains.

The negative oxygen ion content in the air is high, which instantly awakens the vitality of the body.

(randomly stay in the lake view room or mountain view room) enjoy the game | archery / rock climbing / jungle crossing archery in the outdoor, to compete with yourself and enjoy the happy game time between parents and children.

Or climb the peak and challenge yourself in the jungle.

(PS: two out of three activities) the fun and exciting jungle crossing gathers the elements necessary for outdoor exploration, such as high altitude, speed, strength and perseverance, and fully cultivates and inspires the children’s courage to challenge.

Climbing tests skills and toughness.

The idea of climbing can enhance children’s initiative, willpower, sense of honor and determination to transcend themselves.

Outdoor cycling | enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way, challenge the 15km outdoor cycling to learn the outdoor cycling skills, challenge the outdoor cycling, feel the pure air blowing around your ears, and move your joints ~ feel comfortable.

Activity harvest activity data [Mid Autumn Festival] forest lake parent-child cycling 2-day camp period: (2 days and 1 night) from September 10 to September 11 (2 days and 1 night) target: parent-child families of Grades 1-6 (it is required that both parents and children can ride continuously for 1km and master basic riding skills such as getting on and off, turning and braking.) Number of families during the camp: 10-15 groups of families (10 groups of families and above can be customized) location of the camp: Yonghu Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City (adjacent to Yantian District) camp cost: 1299 yuan / person (the same price for the two groups of peers) one group discount of 100 yuan / group note: one room for one family (one large and one small need to be purchased at the normal price; two large and one small or two large and two small children enjoy the non bed price: 999 yuan) expenses include: 1 Transportation: all transportation expenses during the camp period (round-trip bus); 2.

Accommodation: stay in the camp for one night (apartment) (randomly stay in the lake view room or mountain view room) 3.

Meals: meals included in the itinerary (three o’clock and one morning); 4.

Activities: expenses for arranging activities in the itinerary; 5.

Materials: materials required for activities in the journey; 6.

Insurance: personal travel insurance; 7.

Teachers: whole process team leader service, safety teacher, teacher ratio 1:5 group family 8, vehicle: mountain bike (person / vehicle), helmet, protective equipment, cycling logistics support team; Expenses do not include: expenses incurred by optional items.

Travel mode for consumption outside the trip: Group charter to [refund instructions] 1.

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Highlights of the activity 01 “natural forest oxygen bar” is accompanied by negative ions in the lake view room.

Thousands of acres of countryside, lakes and mountains are all inclusive of the holiday travel, and the comfort of living is half the success.

This time, we chose the “natural forest oxygen bar” country garden forest lake and Huizhou huiwan thousand acres of garden complex.

In the ecological lake view room, you can have a panoramic view of the lakes and mountains outside the window.

There is a clear mirror lake of 300000 square meters in front, a thousand acres of organic pastoral scenery in the middle, and a continuous huangchaozhang Natural Forest Scenic Area in the back.

Take a deep breath of oxygen in a comfortable and ventilated room, full of negative ions! (randomly check into the lake view room or mountain view room) base map ▲ 02 parent-child challenge 15km outdoor cycling around the forest lake.

Preparation before cycling: Learn outdoor cycling skills follow professional coaches, master self-protection skills, learn safe cycling instructions, check and wear helmets and protective equipment, and travel formation during cycling….

eight no’s for cycling: single handed cycling, side-by-side cycling, snake riding, road racing, and free riding.

15km round the lake green road cycling (riding difficulty: ★★☆☆) the riding distance is about 15km.

The riding road is flat, no vehicle passes, and the slope is small.

Riding along the green road, 1:5 family ratio, one car per person, equipped with safety helmet, safety elbow protection and knee protection.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest lake along the way.

03 forest lake outdoor archery experience the charm of design sports (archery / rock climbing / jungle Challenge 2 out of 3) stand, raise the bow, pull the bow, and release the arrow…

Only when the bow and arrow are in hand, can you feel the charm of archery.

In the bright outdoor, listen to the teacher talk about the principles of archery and learn the basic skills of archery.

Through archery, children can not only feel the charm of traditional Chinese sports, but also strengthen their bones, strength and endurance, and exercise the strength of their shoulders, waist and legs..