Meteor moon I encounter with wild animals on the road

Author: Meteor bright moon, see the world group leader today.

What wild animals have you seen in your cycling trip.

This paper introduces several accidents of Canadian cyclist Brent Owen riding with wild animals.

This is an interesting topic.

It’s common for foreign cyclists to meet wild animals.

In comparison, the protection of wild animals in foreign countries is mostly better than ours.

People and animals meet, scratch each other, turn a blind eye, and naturally live in peace.

In recent years, the state has also made legislation on wildlife: giving priority to protection, standardizing utilization and strict supervision.

Therefore, wild animals have also lived a normal life on our land.

They reproduce and invade each other with human beings.

In recent years, I have often encountered riding with wild animals at home and abroad, especially in uninhabited areas or sparsely populated areas in Tibet, such as wild wolves, Tibetan antelopes, wandering Tibetan mastiffs, wild donkeys and marmots.

In the northeast, there are several collisions with wild boars.

Generally, they take the initiative to take care of humans.

They basically eat on the roadside of the forest.

People make it, and it has no intention to make prisoners.

When riding abroad, you can meet more wild animals.

Carnivores are small and large.

Carnivorous wild animals at the top usually don’t go on the road.

It’s estimated that it’s also at night.

Anyway, I haven’t met them.

I’m afraid I’ll forget my life when I see them.

I guess? But I have met the largest whale on earth, and I see four in two hours.

Those who can see four must have super luck, usually only two.

That day, I caught up with the favorable weather, place and people.

Let’s share the story of my meeting with wild animals, or I’ll talk first.

Please look at the picture.

The first time I met with wild animals was on the road G318, out of Bangda town in the early morning, on the grassland that is going to climb Yela mountain, some stray Tibetan mastiffs, maybe Tibetan dogs, are they wolves? No, elephants.

They had just finished a collective hunting before dawn and wiped out a large yak.

Only one mastiff was enjoying yak meat alone, and the others were far away and waiting quietly.

Let leaders eat first, and eat well.

People and animals have one rule.

At that time, I stopped to take photos.

When I was eating, the leader looked up and paused.

He looked at me with his fierce eyes emitting green light.

Seeing that there was no malice, he bowed his head and bit at the cow chrysanthemum.

I didn’t dare to be careless.

I quickly took two or three photos and rode away.

I’m worried that it’s a call to take me as meat and attack again.

This is the wolf, a lone wolf.

It is 200 meters away from the highway and wanders on the grassland of Hoh Xil.

A wolf walks with its tail between its legs.

Like a large predator with territorial awareness, it is afraid of the smell flowing out of its anus and exposing its trace.

A huge tail covers its anus tightly.

The lone wolf is harmless to humans.

Its food chain is mainly small rodents on the grassland.

It costs too much to fight with people.

After riding on the Qinghai Tibet line for a few days, I saw the wolf without danger.

The Tibetan antelopes on the new Tibetan line are far away from the road and are particularly afraid of humans.

They know that they can compete with wolves with four hooves.

When they meet humans, they are only dead.

Therefore, it has been passed down from generation to generation that they will run away when they see people.

The male Tibetan antelope has horns, which can be seen on the road.

They all take the family as the unit, three or five together.

The mother and son of the Tibetan antelope drew closer to catch up with him from a distance and looked at me.

When I looked at him next, I saw that she turned around and spread her hooves and ran away with her cubs.

The second elder martial brother met him on the road from Xiaoxing’an Mountain in the northeast to Taipinggou.

He ran across the road like an inspector.

I was a little flustered when I met a wild boar for the first time in my life.

I’ve heard for a long time: 300 kg of wild boar, a few mouths.

The coaxing power of wild boar is not ordinary.

This wild boar can weigh 200 kg.

I was riding just uphill.

I stopped immediately in horror and pulled over to cross the car in front of people.

The wild boar had no malice and people had no malice.

Quietly open the camera.

Although I’m afraid, I can’t miss the opportunity.

I have to take a picture of a wild boar in the wild.

I have to take several pictures in succession to keep a true picture.

This period of early years is the place where the Northeast Tiger haunts.

The tiger has no trace.

If you can meet a wild boar, it will also be a harvest.

In a moment, the wild boar swaggered away from the road.

I took the opportunity to push the cart and didn’t look at it.

I pretended to know him.

I watched his every move.

The wild boar hummed softly, as if to say: the road is facing the sky and go one side.

Still in the northeast, riding from Erdaobai River to ManJiang River, I met a small wild boar family on the road.

This pair is pig father and pig mother.

Several small wild boars hide in the grass on the side of the road.

After all, unlike their father and mother, they have seen the world and chew flowers and grass on the side of the road.

With the first confrontation with wild boar, there is no worry this time.

The oncoming car also takes photos of wild boar families across the distance.

In 2015, when riding in India, it was found that Indians never raise pigs, while pigs are common in the suburbs.

Those pigs are not domestic pigs, but authentic wild boars and ownerless cattle.

Most of these wild animals in India live with humans and eat garbage.

Indians do not eat pork, and wild boars are allowed to live and die by themselves.

There are as many as 100 wild boars in this place, searching for food in the garbage with the ownerless cattle.

The cattle are not ownerless or wild, but the tall cattle have a pair of large and floating horns.

The Indian leader of the team was dignified and showed humor and humor when he was a passer-by in front of the cattle.

In the GOA sea of the Arabian Sea, a group of dolphins are hunting a group of small red fish.

They cooperate tacitly, toss up and down, and drive the red fish together.

Stay fast..