[meditation riding] peace and health is my greatest happiness

This was written by sister Shu when she first came to participate in meditation and cycling in June 2016.

She was very impressed by the courage of her senior brother and her at that time, as well as the suffering in Mr.

Kong’s heart at that time.

If I knew at that time that this trip would bring a happy result, I wouldn’t be so worried about suffering.

Today, I still feel the pain in my heart Today, when I was tidying up my clothes, Mr.

Kong took my riding clothes and said, “this is the clothes you wear to take photos every day! It looks good on you!” I took the clothes, folded them slowly and carefully, and then rolled them into a barrel! Mr.

Kong looked at me folding clothes and joked, “it’s so neat.

When I go out for a ride and come back, folding clothes is different!” I just smiled happily, ignored him and continued to tidy up my clothes! I want to bring back all my habits during meditation and cycling.

The 20 day life is the happiest moment I have ever lived since I was born! The people and things there are deeply branded in my heart! Just like a dream, when I wake up, I cry and shout that I don’t want to wake up! Sister Lu Binghua hugged me and said, “silly sister, we’ve been here all the time! Elder martial brother Zhiyuan, this is our mother’s house.

You can come whenever you want.

Ah, don’t cry!” I was taught by sister Lu Binghua to roll the clothes into a barrel shape, so that the clothes will not spread or wrinkle, and save space.

When I came back, because the box was small, I couldn’t put anything down.

After all the clothes were rolled up, all the things were stuffed into the box! It looks like sister Lu Binghua is the same as in the picture, but when you listen to her speech, sometimes you look like a child, pouting, muttering and whining, which makes you see that she is loving and funny.

I was often amused by her “out of tune” and her Shandong accent mixed with Shaanxi accent.

Sometimes I would laugh for a long time when I saw her actions and expressions! She would look at me seriously and say, “what are you laughing at (Ni), are you stupid!” Then he grinned again.

Finally, as long as I look at her and I haven’t laughed, she will keep laughing for no reason! Sister also has a feature that we all agree – confusion, often unable to find their own things.

She doesn’t care about what she eats or uses, but she is not generally serious about her customers.

Her sister typing is slow.

Sometimes she uses voice to reply to messages and considers each other in every detail, After that, he would humbly say to me, “sister, I didn’t do anything.

Why do they trust me so much? Just pay for it.

Oh, sister, I’m so moved.

I’ve done too little!” My sister always makes people feel that she owes people who trust her.

She is humble, grateful, kind and helpful! My sister seems to be the same to everyone.

Her own millet is just like what she picked up in vain.

She gives it away at any time! During the trip to Shennongjia, I can drink my sister’s millet and red dates every day! Since I got sick, I have been eating millet, black millet, tartary buckwheat, black beans and red beans sent by my sister.

After eating them, I send them to her and give her money.

She will say, “do you still think I’m your sister? I’m your own sister, and you give money.

Have you ever thought how uncomfortable my sister is?” When my sister knew that I was deficient in Qi and blood, she immediately called her brother-in-law: “send my best Astragalus membranaceus and red peanuts to my sister, and I’ll give you the address!” I don’t know where to get lucky to meet my sister! I still remember the worries of my family, friends, netizens and myself before riding Often at this time, my sister will have a message: “sister, I’m not afraid, I have a sister! Come with confidence!” Let me take a reassurance! Mr.

Kong’s worry was not only expressed in his language, but also in his expression.

When he saw me packing, he sat next to me, did nothing and stared at me! I understand all kinds of tangles and struggles in his heart! I said, “don’t worry, sister, master and senior brother Zhiyuan won’t joke about my life.

If it’s not good for my condition, they won’t support me so much.

Besides, it’s really bad.

Isn’t there a guarantee car? So many loving self-cultivation and family members will take good care of me!” Elder sister is very grateful to elder martial brother Zhiyuan.

As long as you share it, tell it like Sister Xianglin.

That sincerity, that gratitude, that joy, that happiness that wants people all over the world to know their change, my sister said again and again, I will listen carefully again and again, because I understand my sister’s heart! Elder martial brother Zhiyuan is not my noble man.

My sister spoke my heart, but I’m not as eloquent as my sister, and I’m not good at expression.

I can only put it deeply in my heart! When I went, I brought two sets of clothes.

I thought I would be back in a week at most.

I didn’t expect to stay until the end.

At that time, I told my senior brother that I might not be able to ride because my left arm couldn’t work hard, but I must go, even if I met my senior brother! When I was still in the hospital bed, master said to me, “second, you must see two people, one is senior brother Zhiyuan and the other is teacher Lu!” “If you sit next to your senior brother and don’t talk, his positive energy magnetic field can infect you!” So it’s my long cherished wish to see elder martial brother Zhiyuan.

Elder martial brother’s meditation and cycling several times a year, as long as those who have participated come back, they will be transformed! Let me always yearn! I still remember that on the way to Xiangyang, master sent a message: “second brother, go, go safely, go to Shennongjia, a natural oxygen bar with your senior brother, and receive the healing of nature.

You will have unexpected harvest!” Senior brother Zhiyuan, meditation and cycling, natural oxygen bar Shennongjia, is the heaven I will touch! On May 31, I finished the fourth chemotherapy, although the chemotherapy made me feel worse than death, and my white blood cells couldn’t rise again..