[meditation riding] May Day meditation riding Shennongjia

Editor: This article was published on July 29, 2017.

It was written by my teammate Xifeng.

The writing is very beautiful.

Read carefully and taste the heart at that time.

On the morning of May 1, I met with Yang Bo from Chengde, Wang Thanksgiving from Taiyuan, Yuanyuan wish from Jinan, dark blue in Binzhou, teacher Yaoxin from Enshi, local Anning teacher from Xiangyang, Yimi sunshine, Yang Heng of animal home and brother Jing, Under the leadership of elder martial brother Zhiyuan, he began his meditation and cycling trip to Shennongjia.

I have long intended to visit the magical and mysterious Shennongjia, but I didn’t expect to go by bike.

The mystery of Shennongjia drives me.

I can’t wait.

Although elder martial brother Zhiran has many experiences in organizing riding on Shennongjia, and has also communicated in the group, he still has an inexplicable impulse and hidden worry.

How is the road ahead? How far is the slope? How steep is the slope? I don’t know whether my physical strength can withstand high-intensity climbing and riding.

The first day’s journey is a warm-up ride.

It’s more than 30 kilometers from Xiangyang to Nanzhang.

There are not many slope roads.

They are basically flat roads and have no difficulty.

The biggest discomfort is that there are so many traffic and the hot sun.

The arms of several teammates are discolored by the sun.

Arrive at the sandaohe scenic spot in Nanzhang county early in the afternoon.

The teammates washed away their fatigue and came to the picturesque sandaohe reservoir.

The sunset reflected the sunset, the mountains came out of Pinghu, and the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains intoxicated our original cyclists.

Elder martial brothers Guojin and Zhiran, who are good at water, swam to the middle of the lake like a dragon in the exclamation of their teammates.

At this time, the breeze was blowing, the waves were sparkling, the mountains were winding, and the sunset was very pleasant.

Dinner was arranged in a farmhouse restaurant near the reservoir.

A family member of self-cultivation and family living in Nanzhang also came early and brought us a local famous food – pig oil cake, which is spicy and extremely spicy.

It suits everyone’s taste very much and was swept away before dinner.

We had our first drink at dinner.

The men drank beer, and there was no Baijiu, and the ladies drank a few bottles of strong wine.

The hotel has a good environment, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by green water.

Thanksgiving, who lives with me, got up early, deeply breathed the fresh breath of the mountains and took a walk around the hotel.

From a commanding position, you can see the morning swimmers in twos and threes playing in the reservoir, and the brightly colored “follower” tied to them float forward behind them, adding more fun to the silent mountain.

When I returned to the hotel, raindrops fell.

Elder martial brother Guojin had started to check the condition of the car one by one and helped the team members load their luggage on the car.

He is a man with more actions than words.

His black face, white and neat teeth, people are most impressed by his iconic smile – sunshine and frankness.

Every morning after that, he was the first to go downstairs and repeat such a procedure.

He was the most competent logistics support officer.

In the later journey, when climbing and descending the slope, he always waited at the roadside in advance to give you tips, and carefully checked each car, never slacked, so as to ensure everyone’s riding safety.

He and senior brother Zhiyuan also led a team to ride through Tibet, and rode in Shennongjia high-energy area for many times.

He also rode alone on the Yunnan Tibet line in April.

Aware of inner peace and gain physical and mental health, he did a particularly good job.

The intensity of the next day was improved.

Our party went from Nanzhang to Changping, and from Changping to Baokang.

The mountain road of more than 80 kilometers kept climbing around the peaks for more than half a day The mountains are endless.

How many curves are there in the mountain path? I experienced the power of mountains for the first time.

The lightness and happiness I just felt on the first day were soon diluted by the endless slope road.

As soon as I turned two mountains, I felt my legs sore and panting.

I didn’t dare to slack off when I followed the leader.

She was a devout yoga practitioner, a participant in meditation riding and an advocate of happy life.

Her energy field is like the gentle wind in spring, which makes everyone close feel vibrant, warm and comfortable.

The whole gas field is very harmonious, gentle and stable.

In her body, the beauty of yoga and the bloom of spirituality are one.

Beauty and joy are so real, vivid and touchable! Although she doesn’t ride very often, I can’t see that she has a little effort.

She leads me in front of me so leisurely and easily.

Her riding is as wonderful as yoga.

It’s easy not to.

I’m really ashamed of being a cyclist all the year round.

Turn around and move forward easily in front.

I’m pedaling the car forward with all my strength and following it hard in circles.

The mountain path twists and turns.

For a while, I ride in the sun and for a while, I travel on the shady Cliff Road.

The constantly replenishing water soon turns into sweat and flows down my cheeks.

My clothes are wet and dry, dry and wet.

I’m really tired, tired and tired.

During lunch in Changping at noon, senior brother Zhiran said that today’s slope is relatively gentle, and tomorrow’s cycling is really high-intensity, with a continuous slope of more than 30 kilometers.

This makes me feel a little worried.

I’ve never experienced such high-intensity cycling.

I don’t know whether I can stick to it tomorrow? The warm-up, massage and gymnastics before and on the way are energy gas stations again and again, which can well alleviate the fatigue of the body and supplement a steady stream of energy for moving forward, so that the teammates can overcome the pain of fatigue and complete the established journey.

The most unforgettable thing for me is the third day of cycling, from Baokang to Maqiao.

The winding mountain road is uphill all the way.

The slope is long and steep.

There are many heavy trucks coming towards each other, which makes people dare not take it lightly for a moment..