[meditation and riding] focus will arrive

Published on July 31, 2019, this article was written by sister Yunran after the third day of cycling.

After reading it, it reminds me of my memories.

I really want to go back to that time and miss it very much.

2022, may, June and July will also meditate and ride again.

If you come, you will certainly leave you good memories ~ that day, it gradually goes away, and the scene at that time is vivid Always remember On the first day, the rain in Shennongjia was a little heavy.

Riding meditation was changed to walking meditation.

Walk from Muyu town to shennongding.

Although it was raining and windy, it didn’t affect the confidence of the pedestrian at all.

He said he would go back and forth on foot.

This round-trip is regarded as a warm-up exercise on the first day of cycling! Take a preventive injection in advance to understand the road conditions.

The next day, itinerary: Muyu town to shennongding, and then ride from shennongding to Nanyang town.

God’s favor, the rain pattered in the morning, and the rain god quietly retreated in the afternoon.

The whole journey is 80 kilometers.

Before I set out, two small worries arose in my heart, which made me feel a little nervous.

First, I won’t change the speed of the car; Second, I’ve walked twice on the slope I’m going to climb today.

Every time I walk, my legs are sour and soft, and my legs and stomach ache.

Can I go up by bike? At first, the riding legs were really weak.

I tried to change the speed of the car and felt relaxed (it turned out that changing the speed was very simple, and worry was superfluous).

Try to use the concentration shared by everyone before departure, cooperate with breathing, exhale and pedal for a circle, suck and pedal for a circle, and only look at a little place in front of the wheel without looking at anything.

The whole body and mind circulates between breathing and exhaling, and the wheels rotate forward with breathing.

My heart has no side loan.

I just stare at the front of the wheel and find that there is no uphill in front of me.

It’s just a flat road.

I’m just riding on a flat road.

Unknowingly, I suddenly felt that I had gone a long way.

Why are your legs not soft? As soon as the idea came up, I felt tired.

I simply got out of the car and walked for two minutes to have a rest.

Look at the time.

Nearly half an hour has passed.

Look at the road behind you and spin it up.

I’m riding up?! So can I, I can ride such a long slope, but I’m not tired when walking.

A trace of joy rose in my heart.

The “impossibilities” in my mind were all imagined by myself.

As long as you focus enough, you will succeed! At this time, I noticed that the sweat wet the clothes along the back, and the rain flowed down the raincoat.

I couldn’t tell whether it was sweat or rain on my face.

Instead, I was in a light rain, and my mood was particularly transparent.

Take a rest at the top of the mountain and return downhill.

In the process of going downhill, I found that one team member roared past me, not natural and unrestrained.

But I carefully brake and release slowly.

As long as I speed up a little, I will have no sense of security in my heart! As long as I get to the corner, my vision is limited and my speed is slower.

Slowly, I stayed at the last one.

I warned myself: don’t catch up.

Safety first.

Only when you are calm can you be safe.

Slow down.

I will arrive sooner or later.

With this idea, I will ride in the back more steadily.

After lunch, go downhill all the way to Nanyang Town, stay, rest and adjust, and prepare for the third day.

Happiness on the way!! After dinner, I read and studied, and shared the riding during the day.

Such an arrangement made everyone very happy physically and mentally, and the fatigue of riding was diluted! Living in the present is the best! The next day’s ride ended successfully! Day 3: today’s trip from Nanyang town to Zhaojun Wangxiang! Look at this posture.

After a night’s rest, everyone is resurrected with blood.

Ready to go! When I arrived at the rest Inn yesterday, my legs hurt and my hips hurt.

No one said it today.

Everyone is pushing their own car with full confidence.

I will not take the security car today! I’m also very strange.

Yesterday, it was clear that neither of my legs was heavy.

Why didn’t I feel anything today? There is only one reason to think: focus! Focus on what is going on at the moment, and you will experience it with your heart, and then proceed step by step.

Slow is fast, rather than fighting an explosive force! The first section of the road is a small downhill.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, you can walk through the green avenues! When I met a delicious loquat, I couldn’t help stopping to have a good meal! After passing through the two towns, the time passed for two hours.

Because it was a small sliding slope, everyone didn’t feel tired! Welcome with confidence, and then go to the uphill slope of Zhaojun Wangxiang.

With the experience of the next day, I still breathe attentively, climb the slope attentively and abandon miscellaneous thoughts! Circle after circle! The beauty of the roadside, flowers and streams, just to meet my arrival! After three hours of climbing, I was conquered little by little! Arrive at the destination → Zhaojun Wangxiang.

Rest the team, replenish energy, and get ready to return to the place where you started in the morning! On the third day, the cycling was completed successfully.

The state was better than yesterday, and I was not tired yesterday.

The mileage of cycling was almost the same as yesterday.

It’s not impossible.

In fact, focus is arrival! I’m Yunran.

I’m taking part in Shennongjia meditation and cycling.

I’m recording the beauty of my life with daily accounts! Cheer for me, ha ^ 0 ^ ~ ^ 0 ^ Y! -——  .