Master the following skills in formation riding and effectively reduce physical consumption!

Whether in team or individual events, cyclists correctly use the riding technology is a major factor in winning.

This is because when riding behind others, athletes can use the eddy current generated by the front athletes to break through the air resistance to push the car forward, so as to reduce their physical consumption.

Key points of following riding Technology: first, shorten the distance from the car in front, so as not to affect the line of sight and easy to observe the road in front.

For road riding, the following distance is generally about 15-30 cm.

At the same time, pay attention to the wind direction and wind force.

The wind ushers in from the front and should be led by one person, while others form a column behind, following 15-30 cm to the left or right of the front car.

If the wind comes from the left, you can follow the right and rear of the front car; The wind comes from the right and can follow the left rear of the front car.

If the crosswind is strong, follow the car in front close; If the crosswind is small, follow the car in front a little farther.

Ride to the side when going downhill and turn back slightly to avoid accidents.

When following the car, raise your head slightly, face the front with your eyes, and you can only see the rear wheels of the car in front.

If you only look down at your front wheel, once there is an obstacle in front, you are in danger of falling.

Of course, in team competition, when the traffic stops and the road is flat, it is also allowed to ride with your head down for a short moment to relax your neck muscles.

It’s easy for two cars to collide when riding with the car.

Most of them are that the front wheel of the car behind hits the rear wheel of the car in front, loses balance and falls.

When two cars collide, keep your head cool.

The athletes in front should continue to move forward smoothly.

The athletes behind should not brake, but just slow down slightly.

If the left side hits the front car, you should tilt your body and the car to the right, and turn the right at the same time, so that the two cars can be separated gradually.

If the right side collides, you can do the same action to the left.

To master skilled car following skills, in addition to special training, it should also run through each training course.

At the beginning of training, the following distance can be slightly longer, 30-50 cm.

With the improvement of riding technology, the following distance will be continuously shortened to 15-30 cm.

From two people to three or four people.

At the same time, we should specially train the skills of getting rid of the car crash and take preventive measures.

It is a positive way to prevent falls to strengthen the training of athletes’ car operation skills and improve their adaptability in various complex situations.

Due to the characteristics of cycling, collisions and falls will occur at any time in fierce training and competition.

When an athlete falls, he should be calm and calm.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t throw your hands too early.

Don’t close your eyes and wait passively for the fall.

When the body is about to land, the feet should be quickly pulled out of the foot cover, pay attention to protect the head, consciously land on the ground with shoulders and back, and roll over to reduce the degree of falling injury.

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