Local hot spot ๐ž“œ 9-year-old primary school students create a small model of electric vehicle civilized riding “Panda baby”

Wear a helmet before you start and ride an electric vehicle on the road.

Please take the non motorized Lane…

These two days, a primary school student in Shijiazhuang created a small model of civilized riding of electric vehicles “Panda baby” with a cartoon on the topic of daily travel and parking norms of electric vehicles, calling on children of the same age to start now and strive to be civilized citizens, Advise and supervise their parents to ride electric vehicles in a civilized way and build a civilized city together! Cao lanchen is a 9-year-old student in class 2 (3) of Xingguo primary school in Shijiazhuang.

She likes to paint a beautiful world with a brush and loves reading.

She reads extracurricular books for at least one hour every day.

She likes to ask why.

She is an ideological girl.

Although Cao lanchen is young, he has a great sense of responsibility.

In her spare time, she will help her mother clean up and clean up the house.

At the end of last year, the special rectification action of electric vehicles in Shijiazhuang was launched.

At the beginning of the winter vacation, Cao lanchen had time.

She wanted to contribute to this action.

Zhao Lixia, Cao lanchen’s mother, is an art teacher in Xingguo primary school.

Inspired and guided by her mother, the cartoon series of “Panda baby” electric vehicle civilized riding was born.

At present, there are a total of 10 cartoon series of “Panda baby” electric vehicle civilized riding.

Using the method of cartoon, we have created a lovely image of “Panda baby”.

“Panda baby” is a small model of civilized riding of electric vehicles.

It teaches people to register electric vehicles according to regulations, wear helmets before departure, ride electric vehicles on the road, please take non motorized lanes, do not go retrograde, abide by traffic lights, park in designated areas, etc.

Cao lanchen said that through the “Panda baby” series of comics, we hope the children will start now and strive to be civilized citizens.

Let’s go on the road safely and travel in a civilized way with “Panda baby”.

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