List of items for riding Sichuan Tibet line (recommended)

List of items for riding Sichuan Tibet line (recommended) 1.

One thin down jacket 2.

One split raincoat 3.

One set of thermal underwear 4.

One riding windbreaker 5.

One pair of sports pants 6.

Two sets of riding clothes (all long, of which one fleece riding clothes is required for riding clothes) 7.

Three pairs of underwear 8.

Three pairs of socks (one pair of waterproof socks is required if possible) 5.

One pair of locked or unlocked riding Shoes 6, One pair of fleece gloves + one pair of XL rubber gloves 7, one pair of Half Finger Gloves (or one pair of thin long fat gloves) 8, one sunscreen headgear and one fleece cover respectively, two magic headscarves 9, one T-shirt 10, one pair of knee pads 11, two sweatshirts ——————————- other equipment list 1, one helmet 2, one pair of riding Glasses 3, one shelf 4, one pack (recommended) 5, A rainproof cover 6, a tie rope 7, an air pump (with hose, not integrated) 8, a tire repair tool set 9, a chain cutter 10, a pair of magic buttons 9, a bottle of chain oil 10, a tail lamp 11, two front lights (one of which is used as a warning light during the day) 12, a charging treasure (20000 Ma is OK) 13, two inner tubes 14, and a thermos 15, One in the upper pipe package ————————– list of Sichuan Tibet riding drugs: 1 For trauma: bone setting water to prevent and relieve fatigue (45ml with nozzle); 1 piece of Votalin cream (stop muscle spasm and pain), band aid (5 waterproof patches / bag + 20 ordinary patches + 1 super patch); Disinfection gauze (2 pieces / package, several packages separately); 1 roll of paper tape; 1 roll of elastic bandage and 1 roll of gauze bandage; Alcohol cotton ball (wipe clean), 0.5% Iodophor disinfection spray 1 vial Baiduobang paste 1 (antibiotic paste) 2 Throat use: Yanli refreshing with dropping pills or watermelon cream buccal tablets or golden throat treasure 3 Heat clearing and anti-inflammatory: Banlangen Granule (Practical) or Lianhua Qingwen capsule 1 box 4 Antibiotics: 1 box of cefradine capsule (bronchitis and skin abrasion infection); 1 box of ciprofloxacin tablets (enteritis bacillary dysentery).


Anti fatigue: high energy solid beverage (3 small packages); Three packs of oral rehydration salt (electrolyte + glucose when diarrhea occurs frequently).


Cold antipyretic analgesic: 1 box of baifuning day and night.


Gastrointestinal medicine: modinglin; Huoxiang Zhengqi pill (Practical); Berberine; 1 bottle of omeprazole capsule (anti gastric acid and anti gastric pain).


Antiallergic drug: loratadine tablet 1 box (control runny nose, sneezing and skin allergy) 9 cough medicine: compound licorice tablet 10 High altitude reaction drugs: American ginseng buccal tablets; Rhodiola;  11.

Multivitamins: (1 bottle of jinsherkang or shancunpian) 12 Headache medicine: (combined with baifuning or Fenbid capsule (especially suitable for patients with original stomach disease) to control headache caused by high altitude reaction, the effect is very good) 13 Others: (cool oil, essence oil, dampness relieving pain cream, eye drops, heat drops, PP powder, anti perineal skin wear…) – supplies and other 1, protein powder 2, energy glue 3, mask communication mobile phone, one to two PPT walkie talkie, one person, one person..