Life is like riding, speed is realm

Life is like riding a bicycle.

Speed is a state.

I believe that those friends who have participated in the long distance bicycle trip have a deep understanding that the most beautiful scenery is often on the way of riding, from which we can also understand the philosophy of cycling life.

To ride fast is a skill, while to ride slowly is a state.

Every thing has a highest state forever, just as no move wins every move, so change is always the same.

It proved our skills to ride fast, but we lost the scenery along the way.

We endured the loneliness of training and gained the final honor.

Finally, we should slow down, experience our lost scenery, and slowly reflect on our wonderful.

As in life, life is a journey, and what we care about is the scenery along the way.

We will fall and get hurt, but we will not fall and love mountain biking is a dangerous sport.

We know the danger better than anyone else.

We all know the danger.

Everyone will fall several times, and everyone will fall several times.

Only when you fall, will you know the importance of technology, and will you pay attention to where you fell.

Will understand the value of your own life.

In your life, you will fall down countless times.

I hope you can stand up again.

It is not important if the flesh hurts.

What is important is that you can know the pain, rather than never getting up again.

The road killer does not mean that the track champion bicycle is a disadvantaged group.

It has a higher accident rate than cars, trains and even airplanes.

In any case, you should understand what environment you are in, what you should do and what you should not do.

Just as in life, there is only one life.

We should do meaningful things, live and do meaningful things.

There is no mistake in knowing what can be done and what cannot be done is victory.

But there are some things that you can not adhere to, and some things that you can not pay will be rewarded.

Remember not to be arrogant and do what you can.

If you can climb a slope, you will be challenged.

If you can’t, you will first practice your basic skills.

If you can put it on the slope, move it down if you can’t, and no one will laugh at you.

Even if you laugh at you, you should endure it.

Because you want to prove that you can do it in the future, instead of risking your life now.

Love has a loving heart, inclusive heart.

Mountain bikes can be our friends and confidants.

The same is true of life.

As long as we treat others warmly, others will treat us well.

Everyone is a gear on your mountain bike.

You will encounter countless roads, flat roads, rubble, grasslands, mud pits, etc.

You will also encounter countless difficulties in your life.

Just like gears, you will need different gears to make you smooth.

Some gears can be relaxed easily, and some gears can be heavy.

As for who is your important gear in your life.

Of course, it’s up to you.

However, using the wrong gear will make you very tired.

It’s easy to use it correctly.

There are some gears that you can’t put down, but the parts are always worn out.

If you stick a gear tightly, the wear may make you miserable.

So we should love our life, love life, cherish everything around us, just like your car.

Don’t let those accidents happen, and successfully walk our own way.

Life is the same, see your strength, and then go to work…