Li Yapeng takes his girlfriend for a ride. Haiha Jinxi looks very cool and looks like a blockbuster in the same frame as Li Yapeng

Li Yapeng has always been a goddess of harvesters.

At the beginning, there was a short marriage between Li Yapeng and Faye Wong.

They also had a daughter named Li Yan.

As a second generation star, Li Yan has received too much attention from the outside world.

Now, Li Yapeng has a new girlfriend, Haiha Jinxi.

Li Yapeng also made a super high profile when he expressed himself.

It is said that Haiha Jinxi is 19 years younger than Li Yapeng, and the age gap is still large.

However, if they are compared with Zhang Jizhong and Du Xinglin, the age gap will not be large.

On February 16, some netizens showed the picture of Li Yapeng riding with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Haiha Jinxi.

Judging from the exposed pictures, Haiha Jinxi is still super cool when facing the camera, and it seems that when shooting with Li Yapeng in the same frame, it is shooting a big movie.

As we all know, Haha Kinxi is actually a member of the entertainment industry.

He and Wei Daxun used to be classmates.

Wei Daxun and Yang Mi have also heard emotional news for many times, but their emotional state has also become an open secret.

As for Haiha Jinxi, its popularity is not as good as Wei Daxun, an old classmate.

However, since the love affair with Li Yapeng, the popularity of Haiha Jinxi has risen in a straight line.

During their interaction, Li Yapeng and Haiha Jinxi also talked and laughed, which can be said to be sweet and enviable.

According to the photo, Li Yapeng and Haiha Jinxi are both wearing sunglasses.

Maybe the sunlight is too strong, so they both choose to wear sunglasses to protect themselves.

In terms of expression, they feel super similar after being together for a long time.

Li Yapeng, after divorce from Faye Wong, was relatively low-key.

At that time, people thought they could live together, but it was a pity that they finally got separated.

Faye Wong, now there is a century old reunion between her and Nicholas Tse, but she has been repeatedly reported that her feelings have gone wrong, and she has not been able to wait for the personal response of the party concerned.

After all, Faye Wong has spent more time with Ryan, a fan, and even more time with him than with Nicholas Tse, which will inevitably lead to speculation among netizens.

But in fact, if there is something wrong with their feelings, I believe Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong will not hide it.

Now Li Yapeng has met his girlfriend, Haiha Jinxi, who is 19 years younger.

I don’t know why, but I always feel that every girlfriend of Li Yapeng has the shadow of Faye Wong.

Having been with his younger partner, Li Yapeng has become more and more young.

It has been some time since Li Yapeng and the wedding official of Haiha Jinxi announced their love affair.

In addition, Li Yapeng is not too young.

I hope Li Yapeng can give his girlfriend Haiha Jinxi a home as soon as possible, instead of just playing!..