Laugh at life: riding the small loop line D3 in western Sichuan

Author: Xiaoduan Life Rides West Sichuan Small Ring Road D3 (Emei Jinkouhe).

Today, we set out from Boman Holiday Inn, Baoguo Temple, Emei Mountain.

Today, the rain stopped, the weather was sunny, and autumn was a good time for riding.

We went out at 7 o’clock, and began to climb over the Emei Mountains after 10 kilometers of cycling.

In the morning, we climbed more than 30 kilometers, climbed over two mountains, and rode 60 kilometers to reach Ebian County.

Ebian is located between the two mountains and canyons of the Dadu River.

At noon, we made the nucleic acid once a day in Ebian County.

After lunch, we started from Ebian and went upstream along the Dadu River.

Along the way, there are beautiful natural scenery of the Dadu River.

There are many canyons, and both sides of the river are high mountains and canyons.

We walked along the National Highway G245 along the picturesque Dadu River.

The scenery along the way was so beautiful that we couldn’t help but stop to take photos while riding.

At 3:00 p.m., we cycled 30 kilometers to Jinkouhe District, which is 16 kilometers away from the main scenic area of Jinkouhe Grand Canyon.

We will stay here and plan to take a leisure ride in Jinkouhe Grand Canyon tomorrow.

Today, I rode 88 kilometers to stay in Jingya Hotel, Jinkouhe District.

When I went out for more than 10 kilometers to climb the mountain, I saw that the Nongfu Spring was originally produced here.

Start climbing up the mountain in the Emei Mountains.

At 11 am, I came to Ebian County, which is beside the Dadu River.

The people of Ebian don’t welcome you.

Ebian County by the Dadu River is full of flowers.

Ebian County on the Dadu River.

After lunch in Ebian, you can go upstream along the Dadu River.

There are many canyons with picturesque scenery.

Shaping II Hydropower Station on Dadu River.

The island in the middle of Dadu River has beautiful scenery.

Scenery of Dadu River.

Scenery of Dadu River.

Enter the Jinkou River Scenic Area of Dadu River.

Riverside Park in Jinkou River District.

Today, we rode 88 kilometers to Jingya Hotel in Jinkouhe District to check in.

Night view of Caihong Bridge on Jinkou River, Dadu River.

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