Last six! [Spring Festival | cycling in Hainan] 2.2-2.6: go to the ends of the earth and feel the tropical style – riding on the east line

Ride! It’s a thrilling thing.

From 2007 “Etude” around Taiwan Island, full of dreams and pursuit; By 2011, the Yunnan Tibet line in “turning mountains” will abuse the body and heart…

Hainan Island! For cyclists, it is undoubtedly a rare holy land for cycling.

Here, there are not only picturesque island scenery, but also the most beautiful sea beach and coconut forest setting sun.

With moderate difficulty, more and more people ride to Hainan together, sleep on the beach at night, listen to the waves, eat seafood dinner and enjoy the beautiful sunrise on the beach.

Facing the coconut wind and sea rhyme, you can enjoy the fun of riding all the way.

Come on, let’s go and ride together! Activity scheduling ❤ Spring Festival holiday: (February 2-6, 2022, five days and four nights) itinerary summary: the first day February 2, the second day of the new year: Haikou rendezvous: the second day February 3, the third day of the new year: Haikou → Lingshan → Sanjiang → rough slope → Tanniu → Wenchang (about 80km, 6-7 hours) the third day February 4, the fourth day of the new year: Wenchang → Qinglan → Mai Hao → Huiwen → Changpo → Qionghai → Boao (about 70km, 5-6 hours) The fourth day, February 5, the fifth day of the new year: Boao → longgung → Lehe → Wanning → Xinglong (about 110km, 6-7 hours) the fifth day, February 6, the sixth day of the new year: Xinglong → Lingshui → Yingzhou town → Haitangwan town → Tiandu town → Sanya (about 110km, 7-8 hours).

The activity cost is ★ 1998 yuan / person ★ children over the age of 12 can sign up for this route, The fee is 1598 yuan (not occupying the bed) (100 yuan / person for registration before January 20, 2022) / the fee includes: 1 The cost of renting bicycles and riding equipment (helmets, piggyback bags, cushion covers, front bags, etc.) and the cost of returning the car in other places is 2 Assistance from the logistics vehicle in the whole process, food and accommodation subsidies for drivers, etc.

(the logistics vehicle can carry luggage and ride easily in the whole process) 3 4-day accommodation: Haikou, Qinglan, Boao, Xinglong, double room or big bed room (single room difference of 400 yuan / person) 4 Cost of public equipment (including emergency medicine bag, walkie talkie, etc.) 5 Activity organization service fee 6 The service charge of the whole ride leader is 7 Completion certificate and exquisite Commemorative Medal 8 Professional outdoor travel insurance (300000 insured amount) / expense excluding: 1 The round-trip transportation between Guangzhou and Hainan is expensive.

Please choose your own travel mode 2 The meal fee for the whole process of the activity is aa (you can make an appointment for three or five days, AA dinner) 3 Other personal consumption, invoice / trip transportation reference scheme 1: Guangzhou plane to Haikou can set off on the same day, Centralized plan 2 for arriving at Haikou: Guangzhou train goes to Haikou (the train time is often adjusted for reference only) z385 Guangzhou Haikou (departure on the day of assembly) 04:55-16:46 ﹐ Z201 Guangzhou Haikou (departure on the day before assembly) 16:03-03:40 ᥯ k6511 Guangzhou Haikou (departure on the day before assembly) 17:28-06:20 ﹐ z111 Guangzhou Haikou (departure on the day before assembly) 21:26-09:05 scheme 3: take the bullet train from Guangzhou south to Zhanjiang West, and then take the bus from Zhanjiang West to Haikou (including the transfer and ferry crossing time of about 7 hours).

Scheme 4: refund rules for Guangzhou bus to Haikou (including the ferry crossing time of about 12 hours).

If you exit more than 10 days before the event, the event fee can be refunded by 100%; Before the departure of the activity, 10 days ≥ withdrawal time ≥ 7 days, and the activity fee will be refunded by 50%; Quit within 7 days before the event, and the event fee will not be refunded; If you fail to participate for any reason on the day of the event, the event fee will not be refunded; If the event is cancelled due to force majeure, the event fee will be refunded in full.

Detailed itinerary: ride on the east line of Hainan, starting from Haikou in the north, passing through Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning and Lingshui to Sanya, with a total length of about 400 kilometers.

Most of the way follow the coastline, concentrating the essence of coconut wind and sea charm and gathering the cultural attractions of Hainan.

There are many scenic spots along the way, and the tourism facilities are also well developed.

Day December 2: Haikou gathers [Haikou] charming blue sea and blue sky, charming underwater world, dense tropical jungle, legendary ethnic minority customs, strange volcanic geological relics.

Haikou is the first choice for leisure and vacation.

Wanlvyuan boating, flying kites, watching the sunset, visiting the century old street of Haikou – Arcade arcade snack street, tasting the special delicacies of Hainan / itinerary of the day / 16:00 according to the guidelines, go to the place where you collect the car rental by yourself.

After you rent the car, you should pick up the car and adapt.

You should choose your friends in the next few days and try riding.

18: Haikou is a completely different city from Sanya.

Feel its beauty with your heart.

The arcade snack street in Haikou has a first-class long dragon.

You can eat from beginning to end and then have a bowl of clear and cool food.

It’s really cool and comfortable.

Then ride along the seaside greenway of Haidian Island, get familiar with the nature of cars and appreciate the unique charm of Haikou.

Rest early at 22:00.

The wonderful journey will begin soon.

Day 22 March: Haikou Wenchang main Cycling Road: S201 cycling track: Haikou → Lingshan → Sanjiang → rough slope → Tanniu → Wenchang mileage: About 80km cycling difficulty: ★★ cycling time: 5-7 hours (mainly flat roads, with a small amount of ups and downs) / trip of the day / 07:00 go to bed and get up early, have a good breakfast, have the best energy today, start early and go to the easternmost side of Hainan Island! 07:30 facing the rising sun, eat breakfast, replenish your strength, bring supplies and get ready! At 08:00, the east line of Hainan has just started.

You should pay attention to controlling the speed and don’t ride too fast.

12: 00 see the scenery of the morning, find a place to eat, supplement your physical strength, and then you can go further.

Looking at the back of the teammates in front, do you think you have strength to ride to the ends of the earth..