Knowing this before riding may save your life!

When the riders go out to ride a bike, they are relaxed and happy, and everything is going well, there may be some mistakes, which will eventually lead to accidents.

The US “Bicycling Magazine” puts forward the following countermeasures, which can reduce your injury in a single car accident and may even save you.


Let others know you’re going out for a ride ▼ if you’re going out for a ride alone, take a few seconds to leave a note, or send a message to your relatives or friends to tell them where you’re going and about when you’ll return.

Often, riders want to say that it’s only a quick ride, which may be 20 or 30 kilometers.

There’s no need to explain.

But if no one knows where you’re going, it’s hard to find you, especially if the cycling route is remote, leaving a message will be more important.


Make personal information more obvious ▼ paper books are easier to see, so many riders will write their basic medical information and emergency contact phone into a small card and put it in their wallet or with their mobile phone.

And put it where emergency rescue personnel can find it immediately, which will definitely help save themselves.

Rescuers need to know your medication and allergy history to avoid using the wrong drugs.


Protect your head ▼ riders know that you must wear a helmet to protect your head when cycling! If you fall into a car unfortunately and have a head injury, you should be very careful, especially some people may stand up as if nothing had happened after falling and hitting their head.

But after a while, you may start to feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes there will be cerebral hemorrhage, which may even lead to death.

If you have the following conditions, you should call an ambulance or get medical help as soon as possible: the helmet is broken, because it means a heavy blow to the head.

Headache is not the pain of trauma at the beginning, but the beginning of headache.

Instead of slowing down, it becomes more and more serious.

Lose consciousness.

If you have fainted, be sure to have an examination.

Vision is affected.

If you can’t see clearly after getting up, you also need to see a doctor.


Take a deep breath ▼ one of the most common parts of cycling injury is that the chest is hit by the handle, but there is no trauma.

Therefore, many people think there is no problem after falling and don’t want to go to the hospital, but are you sure there is no problem? At this time, try to take a deep breath.

If it is difficult and painful to breathe, there must be a problem.

Because you may have cracked ribs, and the cracked ribs may have sharp edges, and once moved, they may stab your lungs.


Do abdominal examination for yourself ▼ there are many soft tissues and organs in our abdomen, which may also be injured by the collision of the car handle.

Therefore, palpate the abdomen by hand.

If there is an abnormal soft touch in one part, it may be an internal injury; If the abdomen becomes swollen or hard, it may also be a sign of visceral bleeding.


Check the spine ▼ neck and back injuries are serious.

Usually you can check your fingers and toes to determine whether they are in good condition.

If you feel numb or tingling, it is likely to be spinal injury; You can also try to slowly turn your head 45 degrees to the left and right.

If you feel uncomfortable, stop and see a doctor as soon as possible.


Quick hemostasis ▼ if your body is bleeding from a wound, unless you are a professional trained in speed, don’t use a tourniquet around your limbs to stop bleeding as seen in the movie.

Taking risks like this may cause greater harm.

The best way is to take basic first aid measures, such as directly pressurizing the wound with clean things to stop bleeding and waiting for rescue.

This article comes from cycling chronicle and bicyclingmagazine.

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