Jiangsu Radio and Television&Model Riders Parent Child Riding Group Jointly Recruits Sunshine Little Reporters

01 [Platform positioning] As a comprehensive quality platform for young people, Jiangsu Radio and TV Sunshine Junior Journalists are committed to cultivating “confident, progressive, focused, cooperative and tenacious” sunshine young people, so that more young people can “feel the world, improve their ability, and gain true knowledge”, improve their comprehensive quality and practical ability, and become “able to speak, write, love sports, and practice more” sunshine young people! 02 [Basic content] Equipment for small journalists+10~16 offline classes+20 (recording activities+practical activities+wonderful expansion activities) Honorary equipment for small journalists: small reporter ID card+small reporter clothing+hat+backpack+social practice certificate offline courses for small journalists include writing practice, photography, photography, image etiquette courses.

Through basic teaching, young journalists can master excellent language ability, writing ability and aesthetic thinking.

Small journalists’ role cognition and literacy learning Sunshine small moderators’ growth classroom writing tips classroom small journalists’ photography and video preliminary cognition Sunshine small journalists’ eloquence and communication Chinese reading small classroom small journalists’ hosting skills and training small journalists’ oral communication learning body etiquette classroom small journalists’ news literacy small moderators’ recitation classroom small journalists’ interview skills and training small journalists’ leadership Team class Psychological growth class Traditional culture series class Small reporter sports class Sunshine small reporter practice research activity Sunshine small reporter practice activity consists of: city impression recording, sports research, television and radio research, professional experience, interview practice, sunshine public welfare, etc.

Jiangsu Radio and TV Sunshine Reporters drew up a directory of activities (Nanjing 2022).

Activity content: 1.

Public procuratorate and law enforcement system coverage.


Parent child Tree Planting Day activity and parents planting a sapling on the day of the Tree Planting Day, Organize small journalists’ parent-child running activity 5 Sunshine Little Talent parent-child challenge sports Sunshine Little Talent Challenge; Sunshine mini marathon and other series of sports; Let every family fall in love with sports and cultivate sports habits.


Fire fighting experience.

Visit the fire base and learn fire safety knowledge from firefighters.


Enter the list of famous enterprises: Suning Group, Bank of Nanjing, Nanjing Iron and Steel Group, Nanjing Automobile Group, Xizhilang, etc, Participated in famous program studios, walked into the “Jinling Thirteen Hairpins” Cathedral, the Republic of China Street, the Eight Rites and Four Rites Hall, etc.

Record wonderful VCR and show the youth’s demeanor 10 Jiangsu Radio and Television Lizhi small anchor experience small reporters walked into the broadcast studio of Jiangsu Radio and Television General Station to learn broadcast principles, walked into the anchor room to experience small broadcasters 11 Go forward, children go forward, children challenge the 12 year grand ceremony of the Games to recognize the annual outstanding small journalists, small reporter talent feast 13 small reporters asked “political affairs” small reporters to interview leaders of urban management departments, understand policies, Pay attention to people’s wellbeing 14.

Small journalists’ military experience.

Small journalists walked into the military camp, visited weapons and equipment, and felt the blood and iron military camp culture closely.

15 Small red flowers walking let love pass, let care pass, and cultivate young journalists’ sense of responsibility; Improve the interpersonal communication of young journalists 16 The United Nations has improved the overall view of young journalists, in-depth thinking of problems, and improved oral English expression and logical thinking of young journalists 17 I represent the city to show the city’s style, spread the city’s style for 18 years or so, explore historical relics and historic sites.

Young journalists seek history and experience Chinese culture by exploring historical sites, cultural relics, museums, etc.

19 Jiangsu famous schools experience young journalists enter Nanjing University Southeast University and other well-known colleges and universities interacted with excellent college students to learn the traditional culture of the 20 small journalists, including eight ceremonies and four ceremonies, Han costume culture, and historical and traditional culture; 21 Sports Research, Learning and Practice Fencing, Shooting, Football, Rope Jumping, Rock Climbing…

23 Writing Contest for Small Reporters and Provincial Small Reporters PK24 Speech Contest for Small Reporters to Improve Confidence and Show Youth Charm 25 Small Reporters Star Camping Parents and Children Star Camping Remarks: All kinds of activities are carried out in a circular manner throughout the year.

Sunshine reporters can participate if they sign up; The types of activities are constantly updated; It will be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Record the official activities of the program series, campus activities, sports events, hot events and other on-site hosting, interviews, column dubbing, press release preparation, etc.

Small journalists participate in program production and become small experts in front of and behind the stage.

More wonderful expansion projects Jiangsu Radio and TV Military Summer Camp Jiangsu Radio and TV Future Youth Talk Summer Camp Youth United Nations Bilingual Research Camp TV Art Sketch Carnival Jiangsu Youth Bilingual Reading TV Talent Competition Jiangsu Youth Instrumental TV Talent Competition Jiangsu Youth TV Dance Competition Super Little Talent Challenge Small Journalists Annual Ceremony……

03 [Wonderful Review] 1234561 Sunshine reporter Hailing District Procuratorate’s interview practice activity 2 Sunshine reporter Taizhou Old Street interview practice activity 3 Sunshine reporter Taizhou warship interview practice activity 4 Sunshine reporter Nanjing Wuxiang Mountain countryside bookstore interview activity 5 Sunshine reporter robot science popularization base interview activity 6 Sunshine reporter Suzhou Metro interview practice activity 04 [Related questions answered] Ask children what they can get from becoming Jiangsu Radio and Television Sunshine reporter? Through a series of offline research activities, curriculum practice, program recording, etc., Sunshine Little Reporters strive to build a Sunshine teenager who is “able to speak, write, love sports, and practice more”.

How can I become a sunshine reporter of Jiangsu Radio and Television? Sunshine small journalists can apply for audition selection through school, kindergarten and other small reporter workstations, and children can be selected by video reporters of TV stations.

After the selection, they can register as Sunshine small journalists..