January 21 | one day riding | exploring the original, for research and learning, riding on Maozhou River

To explore the known is to study! Q & A at Camp break — Tom, why are there bicycles in the world? There are already Student originally!? The world was originally chaotic, and human beings were originally bloody and slaughtered Barbarism is not the opposite of civilization, superstition is not the opposite of science, but the original research of the latter is research, love riding, like breaking the wind in mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, like taking bicycles as friends, and exploring bicycles outdoors has become of great significance, starting from here and enlightening from here The initial development of bicycle in the world industry originally ran for practical use.

In order to make the wheel walk in the narrow streets, siflak invented the “Trojan wheel”.

Later generations defined his wooden gadget as the origin of “bicycle”, and his “Trojan wheel” was originally a carriage.

DelEs added a “steering wheel” on the basis of the Trojan wheel.

His original intention was to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

His starting point was biased towards the spiritual appeal.

For him, the bicycle was originally the “Trojan wheel” of Chirac.

Their “bicycles” are very much like today’s children’s balance cars – rowing with both legs.

His invention is probably like this – then, Macmillan invented the pedal pedal driven bicycle.

When cycling, his feet don’t pedal the ground, which improves the driving speed and protects the soles of his shoes.

The frame of Renault bicycle was made of steel pipe, and the wheels were changed into steel rings and spokes.

Solid tires were used to make the bicycle lighter.

Until 1886, the British Stanley designed a new bicycle style The beginning of bicycle in China at the headquarters of the company can not only explore the origin of bicycle in the world, but also let us know the origin of bicycle in China and its development process in China If China’s bicycle was originally a rickshaw, it can only be traced back to the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty.

From the entertainment and luxury goods of the rich with two feet to the “Oriental car” used by people in the strata to make a living, it is the prototype of China’s bicycle.

At the end of the 19th century, China’s first bicycle firm, Tongchang bicycle firm, was born, which is the predecessor of Phoenix brand bicycle.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the domestic Shanghai bicycle factory was established, which is the predecessor of the permanent brand bicycle.

Then, flying pigeons, Golden Lions, red flags It became a household name, so the “28” bicycle has become a dream memory of the Post-70s and post-80s.

At that time, bicycles were deeply integrated into people’s life, became a common means of transportation and the mark of the times.

At the end of the 20th century, with the advent of the motor vehicle revolution, bicycle returned to its entertainment role.

Up to now, giante, Merida, sidson, sharing bicycles, cycling events From experimental products to entertainment products, transportation tools, leisure tools, works of art, sports teaching aids Bicycle has experienced the transformation of various roles, but it can still coexist with different times.

It covers all its historical wounds and carries the crystallization of human wisdom from ancient to modern times.

In the process of exploring the origin of bicycle, we will come to a consensus: bicycle is one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

Intensive Reading 1.

The exhibition hall of xidsheng exhibition store introduces various shapes of bicycles since birth, displays bicycles of different materials, different design concepts and different times, and deduces the development process of bicycles on the world historical stage.

Looking at these ancient photos and silent industrial products, we hope that children’s hearts are touched and turbulent.


As a well-known bicycle brand in mainland China, Sid Sheng shows the top bicycle technology and industrial level in China.

There are also manual assembly line operation and mechanized operation links.

Follow the explanation and pace of the workshop leader to appreciate the charm of Chinese industry.


The mountain bike training ground is located in the back mountain of the headquarters of sidson.

There are three training grounds.

The top mountain is the adult off-road training and testing base; The riverside greenway is a road bicycle training track, and the middle training ground is a mountain bike testing ground.

The slope and safety are suitable for children’s experience.

The second floor of the indoor military training exhibition hall is the staff sports center, which is spacious and bright, just suitable for military training in our square.

Here, we need to complete the necessary knowledge and skill points of team travel: vehicle and equipment identification and use, driving cleaning and password communication, traffic safety guidelines, responsibilities of each position of team travel, troubleshooting common sense and conventional riding skills.


The quiet and extreme scenery along the Maozhou river green road is absolutely rare in the city.

As the largest river in Shenzhen, the trunk is 40 kilometers long and the drainage area in the city is 310 square kilometers.

Coincidentally, the location of Maozhou river passing through the xidsheng factory is the most perfect, exquisite and unique section of municipal administration in the whole basin, We intercept its 8 km (16 km to the two sides) essence section, carrying wind roaming.

The “original” of Maozhou river is in Yangtai mountain.

It has changed from a smelly sewage ditch to a leisure resort for Shenzhen citizens.

This counter attack experience shows the national strength and more proves the possibility and development of harmonious coexistence between man and nature..