It’s so simple to love riding

Once a friend who didn’t know about bicycles asked me, what do you like about bicycles? Wind and sun, bleeding and sweating, tired and paralyzed after riding a circle, covered with dust and soil, it’s better to lie at home with that energy.

I smiled bitterly and didn’t refute.

I can only say that you don’t understand the charm of bicycles.

It is so charming, from frame to tire, from road bike to mountain bike, from ordinary domestic to international brands, Nicolai, COLNAGO, giante, Merida and Phoenix.

Different cars not only have different design concepts and philosophies, but also are like a work of art that gathers human travel wisdom.

It is so artistic and poetic, wild, fresh, modern and retro.

You can use your boundless imagination to turn it into anything you like.

This process of letting people enjoy their creativity will bring unusual fun.

It is so passionate that you can’t wait to participate wholeheartedly.

Only when you go out can you know how big the world is.

You can travel through mountains and rivers, forge ahead, conquer the earth and nature, which is the most proud thing.

Riding alone, lonely but introspective; A group of people rode, spectacular and powerful.

It doesn’t need extravagant preparation.

It just needs the courage to break into the back seat and a heart to go.

Even a permanent bicycle can make your dream go far.

It is so different.

When more and more people choose the comfort of four wheels, its figure is more precious in the vast tide of cars.

We are not afraid of the long road and the old heart.

There are always moments when we will make different choices from others, such as riding in the hot sun and moving forward in the rain.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand or look at it.

When I sweat like rain and climb mountains and mountains, because I understand that I can still visit mountains and rivers when I’m 70, but you can only recall it alone in a wheelchair.

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