Its name: blue bridge!! Ride the color highway ~ banana rock on the left and the setting sun on the right. Guangxi Zui looks like a foreign

In the long winter, Guangxi has hidden a unique warmth: the four seasons are warm, the sea breeze is slowly green, and you can punch in the Guangxi version of # blue bridge #! As soon as you reach Weizhou Island, you can see it from a distance! The sea water is particularly blue, and the sand is fine, white and soft.

There is a sharp contrast.

This sea crossing blue bridge is 2300 meters long, 18 meters high and 12 meters wide.

It was built in 2005, so it was almost built into a 300000 ton crude oil wharf.

Because the color is blue, it is called “blue bridge” by tourists for the safety of tourists.

Now it is temporarily closed, but it does not prevent people from coming here The video records its gradually changing blue ocean and white beach.

There are few tourists.

Don’t worry about others entering the mirror and taking a wave of online Red photos.

Good works can be created here at a unique time, location and perspective.

Amazing scenery can be harvested at any location ↓ so how many days is the itinerary of Weizhou Island, the dream blue bridge? Xiaocochlea thinks Weizhou Island is a suitable island for daze.

It has both the taste of fireworks and a small fresh tone.

It’s only 30 minutes to rent a small battery car on the island to cross from one end of the island to the other.

The topic comes.

It’s more appropriate to arrange a few days’ trip on Weizhou Island.

At least three days (for reference).

On the first day, I landed on the island and put down my luggage, Rent a small battery car on the island.

First take a stroll to the Catholic Church on the seashell beach in the east of the island, and then ride on the color road…

The color road is a section of the road around the island.

On the left is the beautiful subtropical rain forest, and on the right is the waves and beach.

It’s light and fast to ride or walk on a good day.

The scenery here is large at any time! In the evening, go to Nanwan street to blow the sea breeze and go back to the hotel to rest.

The next morning, go to the colorful beach to see the sunrise! chart © The 1.5km long coastline of the official colorful beach of Weizhou Island Tourism Area Management Committee is densely covered with sea erosion cliffs, sea erosion caves and sea erosion platforms.

After ebb tide, you can see layers of sea erosion ditches.

You will be looking forward to waiting for a seaside flint sunrise at five or six o’clock in the morning (Weizhou Island is foggy and slippery in winter, so you need to be careful when watching the sunrise.) Then go to crocodile Mountain National Geological Park to watch the wonders of volcanoes.

Crocodile mountain park on Weizhou Island is located in crocodile ridge on the west side of Nanwan Bay, Weizhou Island, where you can see the most complete traces of volcanic activity.

The island’s landmark lighthouse is in the park.

On the white lookout platform, you can see the Beihai City on the other side on a sunny day! In the afternoon, go to the Nanwan marine sports park to experience the passion and romance of the sea.

In the evening, you can watch the sunset at shiluokou beach next to the beach.

The first feeling of shiluokou beach is that the sea water is very clear and pure.

When the weather is fine, the coral and all kinds of sea fish in the sea can be clearly seen.

There are a lot of marine entertainment activities here, such as marine speedboats, submarine diving, etc! This is the most beautiful moment in the world.

After watching the sunset, take a seat in the tavern on Nanwan street and try the local seafood.

There are barbecue, steamed, braised, fried and fried.

No matter what your taste, you can find your favorite seafood meal here! Third days, pack up your luggage and go to west corner pier to return to Beihai volcano island to welcome you to warm winter.

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