It’s horrible! The electric car burned into a fireball while riding, and the father and daughter were swallowed up by the fire… Family:

On the morning of the 18th, a normally running electric bicycle suddenly caught fire on yuhuangshan road in Hangzhou.

The video is disturbing ↓ it is understood that the cyclist is a middle-aged man with his daughter sitting in the back seat.

After the fire, the father and daughter were swallowed up by the fire.

In the face of this sudden scene, passers-by reacted quickly in just 10 seconds The passing drivers came out one after another, and the security guard took the fire extinguisher and rushed over.

Everyone worked together for one minute to quickly put out the fire.

The reporter learned from the witnesses that the cause of the fire may be the sudden explosion of the battery of the electric bicycle, which caused the personnel on the car to be unable to avoid and injured.

Master security Zhuang of a nearby sanatorium was one of the first people to see the electric bicycle on fire and participate in the rescue at that time.

He recalled that at that time, two electric vehicles passed one after another.

In front of the car are the father and children, and behind the mother is also riding a car to follow.

After the electric car caught fire, my father couldn’t care about the flames on his body.

He endured the pain and went straight to the surrounding security room to borrow a fire extinguisher, and then turned back to put out the fire.

The little girl’s mother tried her best to pull her daughter out of the fire and tried to put out the fire.

Master Zhuang said that he ran out of two fire extinguishers at that time, but the fire still flared up after putting it out.

“So we are all estimating that the battery is on fire and can’t be extinguished at once.” People around also called 120 and 119 for help.

It is understood that the cyclist should be the security guard of a nearby unit.

According to the photos taken at the scene, the clothes he was wearing were seriously burned by the fire, the skin on his chest was red, and only his sleeves were left, which stuck to some of his skin because of the high temperature.

Fortunately, he was quite conscious at the scene.

The girl was informed by her family that she was critically ill.

She said that the car purchase incident in the brand store affected many people’s hearts.

Her father and daughter were severely burned and still in danger.

Picture: Orange persimmon interaction it is reported that the burned girl’s name is Wei Jiaqi.

After the summer vacation, she will go to the second grade of primary school.

At that time, she was sitting on her father’s electric bicycle, and her mother followed on another electric bicycle.

Burn girl’s mother told reporters that the spontaneous combustion electric bicycle is not a miscellaneous electric vehicle.

It is purchased by a brand electric vehicle store, and the battery is also replaced by the store.

To be cautious, the reporter is communicating and interviewing with relevant brand electric vehicle enterprises.

At present, the child has given three critical notices, and the child’s mother has been in the hospital.

Picture: mother of Qianjiang Evening News was also slightly injured and refused to go away.

She insisted on waiting here.

She couldn’t sit still in the chair.

She slumped in front of the chair, crying all the time, saying that she wanted her daughter to survive.

Some relatives showed reporters Qiqi’s photos.

She is really a beautiful and lovely little girl.


Zhai, Qiqi’s aunt, made a special trip from Changzhou after receiving the news yesterday.

She said that the little girl was the most likable child in the whole big family, and her whole family liked her.

“It was said that I would come to Changzhou for a period of time.

I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.” Aunt’s tears couldn’t stop falling.

From time to time, relatives and friends send messages or call.

My mother always cries and says to the other end of the phone: “don’t come here, you can’t see it now…” at more than 9 pm last night, my mother’s mood stabilized a little.

She told reporters: in the morning, my parents just rest.

They are going to go to the bookstore with their children and buy her some extracurricular books.

Originally, the girl took her mother’s electric car, but before leaving, her mother suddenly thought of getting a citizen card and wanted to get a library card for her child, so the girl moved to her father’s car.

“She used to ride in my car.

She said she liked to sit behind her mother best.” At 9:30 pm, the reporter learned that Qiqi’s operation has been completed, but she can’t come out yet.

She needs to continue to observe in the surgical intensive care unit.

Hangzhou Electric Bicycle Industry Chamber of Commerce urgently notified more than 2000 stores to conduct self inspection immediately.

On the 18th, Lin Ping, President of Hangzhou Electric Bicycle Industry Chamber of Commerce, had learned about the accident of electric vehicles from the traffic police department.

Lin Ping said that safety is the top priority in the production, sales and use of electric bicycles.

After all, it is related to life.

Therefore, the chamber of Commerce has always asked member enterprises to pay close attention to the safety publicity of all links.

All member enterprises and consumers should pay attention to this matter.

Hangzhou Electric Bicycle Industry Chamber of Commerce has launched a donation to the injured.

There are more than 2000 electric bicycle sales stores in Hangzhou.

The chamber of Commerce has issued an emergency notice, which is as follows: first, products that meet the 3C standard must be sold, and it is strictly prohibited for stores to install and refit vehicles! 2、 It is strictly prohibited to charge the electric bicycle when the store is unattended; 3、 Operators are strictly prohibited from staying in shops at night; 4、 All batteries in the vehicle body must be separated; 5、 Lithium batteries in all stores must be stored separately; At the same time, match the necessary security tools! For the above items, all merchants are requested to conduct self inspection of their stores immediately to avoid unnecessary economic losses and personal safety! May father and daughter burn through the difficulties as soon as possible! This article comes from: Qianjiang Evening News, city express, Hangzhou traffic police, @ China fire and other wechat editors: Ms.

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