It took three months to ride 31000 kilometers. This trip is really worth it

When it comes to national roads, many people think of G318, the landscape avenue of Chinese people, for the first time.

For the “challenger”, it is breathtaking and exciting, which makes people afraid; For the “scenic person”.

It has beautiful scenery and makes people fall in love at first sight.

But in fact, in addition to G318, there are many national highways that are both ornamental and challenging.

These three national roads are the most special ones.

Walking along them can draw the outline of Chinese Mainland, which is in a sense a “journey around China”.

They are G331+G219+G228 * pictures from the Internet.

They extend close to the mainland border, and most of the time, they are moving along the barbed wire along the border.

G219 is the most beautiful and longest national highway in China, and the highway with the highest altitude (starting from Dongxing, Guangxi, and ending at Kanas, Xinjiang, with a total length of 10860km) * At present, Ben Ge of the “Huanhua” motorcycle tour has been completed in Ali region.

The first leg of the journey starts from Guangzhou, Guangdong, passes through Dongxing, Guangxi, and enters the south extension of G219, heading all the way to Kanas, Xinjiang.

Although the self driving round the world trip was completed before the epidemic, the motorcycle tour did not have a “lesson from the past” and was always worried.

With the fear and expectation of the unknown, we embarked on the journey.

In the first half of the trip, everything went smoothly except for those who left the team halfway.

The most dangerous route is the Xinzang Line, which is characterized by hail, snow, strong winds and torrential rain, as well as anti Japanese attacks.

Brother Ben fell down on a small slope on the roadside several times.

G219 crosses the three ladders of China, passes through the subtropical and temperate zones, and its natural landscape ranges from deep mountains and dense forests to desert Gobi.

There are countless famous mountains and rivers along the way: Himalayas, Hengduan Mountains, Kunlun Mountains, Tianshan Mountains, etc.

It can be said that this road is both risky and beautiful.

Walking and stopping all the way, Ben started on June 10 and basically completed the whole process of G219 on August 1.

G331 East West Border Corridor, passing through the desolate no man’s land (starting from Dandong, Liaoning, and ending at Haba River, Xinjiang, with a total length of 9301 km) * Hulunbeier’s danger did not stop him from moving forward, but made him look forward to the next journey.

After entering G331, the beautiful scenery from Altai Mountain to Inner Mongolia tells the meaning of this journey.

Further ahead, you will enter the northeast section of G331.

As a northeasterner, Brother Ben is still fascinated by the scenery of the three northeastern provinces.

This section of the border between China, Russia and North Korea has the most beautiful colors, the most magnificent forest, and the most original northeast customs.

From August 2 to August 28, Ben completed the whole journey of G331.

But this is not the end.

Before starting, I decided to draw a complete “chicken” for this trip, and naturally I will continue.

However, Brother Ben did not start immediately as he did the last two times.

For various reasons, the journey of G228 started on October 11.

G228 is the most beautiful coastal national highway, passing through all coastal provinces (starting from Dandong, Liaoning, and ending at Dongxing, Guangxi, 7800km) * Bohai Bay can stop at any time on this road to see the sea view.

However, G228 is often occupied by other roads.

Milestones are not as easy to find as those on the two national roads.

They often run on other national roads, and the G228 milestone reappears after dozens of kilometers.

In fact, before Brother Ben set out, we also had various concerns, especially whether the epidemic prevention policies in various places would hinder their progress.

Although he also encountered a lot of questioning along the way, fortunately, he was not affected too much, and he ensured that the nucleic acid was basically unblocked for 24 hours.

After walking along these three national roads, we know what the concept of “vast territory” is.

From then on, we have a concrete experience of the vast land and abundant resources.

Brother Ben completed these three roads on October 31, completing the “Huanhua” tour.

With the idea of “I can do it someday”, Xiao Bian nagged Ben again.

What do you think is the difference between self driving tour and motorcycle tour? Answer: Of course, the biggest difference is that four wheels are different from two wheels.

In terms of transportation, motorcycle travel is more risky.

Secondly, the motorcycle is more convenient.

Many roads can be taken.

Some of the most beautiful scenery was seen on the motorcycle trip.

Of course, the most important thing is that it is convenient to park.

In the past, it was a headache to find a parking space for self driving.

What is your greatest feeling in the past journey? I was most touched by the kindness of strangers and the help of friends.

When I was around the world, I was helped by many overseas Chinese.

Especially when I was in Africa, some people sent bodyguards to escort me all the way, leading us to avoid terrorists, and sending us to the border between countries.

After entering the border, I left with confidence.

This time, you also gave me a lot of help in driving the road, equipped with BMW Waterbirds and replaced with new tires.

The windshield on the road was broken, and I was helped to change a new original windshield.

In general, I can encounter many touching things every time I travel.

The help of these strangers or friends is indispensable to the successful completion of the vows they have made.

Will you choose a motorcycle tour next time if you have a chance? A: Sure.

The next plan is to go to Hainan Island Ring, and after spring, I plan to go to Taiwan.

In the future, if conditions permit, you want to ride a motorcycle to Europe, cross Central Asia, and go to Europe.

After you arrive in Europe, you may also go to Africa.

However, the current conditions are not yet ripe.

The above content intercepts the dialogue between Xiao Bian and President Ben.

If you want to know more about President Ben’s “Huanhua” or “Global” stories, you can also leave a message in the comment area or send a private letter to Xiao Bian.

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