“Island cycling exchange” is about to leave! The chance to become famous in World War I is coming. Sign up quickly!

The most fun and exciting adventure ride in this winter 2022 national moyou Island ride collection Haikou, Hainan Danzhou Haihua Island colorful ride pure tropical South China Sea scenery Luxury Hotel + Island food + Sunset Beach carnival night recruitment is imminent!!! Liu Dui, the official captain of the China Motorcycle Expo, rode on the spot along the 2022 national moyou Island cycling Festival.

Maybe you have ridden many places, such as mountains, valleys and Western Sichuan plains But riding on Hainan Island is a riding experience you should never miss.

Hainan powder in the morning, iced coconut in the afternoon, beer barbecue in the evening, sunset beach carnival night, leaving unforgettable riding memories in Hainan, the motherland’s Treasure Island.

Riding in Hainan in winter is especially cool and cow for knights! Hainan has just finished the rainy season.

The sun is hot and the temperature is just right.

Cycling in short sleeves and blowing the sea breeze while challenging the competition is the enjoyment of “poetry and distance” and the pride of “life winner”.

Such riding experience is precious and rare! The real scene of the 2022 national moyou Island cycling collection road, together with brothers from all over the world and loved ones, ride the Hainan 2022 national moyou Island cycling collection, which gives you a better life and a faster heartbeat, and a great opportunity to become famous in World War I.

It is a large-scale event performance activity integrating the “c-turn out” track experience, jinkana activity experience, Haikou Knight Carnival Party, Haikou Haihua Island riding rally and island knight Carnival Party, which are deeply welcomed by motorcycle friends.

We are now recruiting friends from all over the country to Hainan to participate in this adventure! The highlight of the island cycling event is the pull trip of primitive villages and coastal roads.

Haikou Danzhou Haihua Island, Hainan, is 174km long.

It runs through the beautiful betel nut forest and primitive villages.

Along the way, you can ride along the blue coastline, passing through large grassland, flocks of cattle and sheep.

The whole route is not restricted, so you can ride safely.

The scenery along the route is changeable.

There are not only the passage of primitive humanities, but also the beautiful scenery of the island, which is full of fun.

2022 national moyou Island cycling meeting stage scenery along the way Sunset Beach carnival night} the competition is intense and exciting during the day, and it is time for moyou to release at night.

On the last night of the race, we will hold a sunset beach party on Haihua Island, which is also a famous scenic spot.

In the name of knight, we will revel with the sunset on the beach and enjoy the night of electric rock.

At the seaside, it’s very comfortable to enjoy food and performances.

Taste pure Island food} the main schedule of the event includes three meals in two days! Hainan’s pure specialties will be tasted, including seafood feast, BBQ, qingbu Liang, Hainan powder, Coconut Chicken Take you to enjoy the island food feast.

Enjoy the luxury hotel buffet breakfast and the island cuisine in Hongji lakeside new town.

The double experience of beauty and passion, in addition to the cycling rally on Haikou Danzhou Haihua Island, Hainan, you can also experience the c-turn exit and jinkana activities welcomed by knights.

It not only has the tension and stimulation of rally events, but also experiences the leisure happiness of entertainment riding.

Haihua Island, the destination of punch in, is an artificial island built at a cost of 160 billion.

As a cultural tourist destination yearned for by people all over the world, in addition to the fun of riding, it can also slowly visit the beautiful scenery on the island and enjoy a luxurious life.

The 2022 national moyou Island cycling exchange, the end of the punch card, introduced the wonderful scenery of Haihua island.

The island cycling exchange introduced the highlights of three stages.

The 2022 national moyou Island cycling exchange upgraded the event experience in the form of points, interspersed with c-turn exit and jinkana experience, won the point ranking and ran for the captain qualification of the cycling rally.

Competition rules: there are 20 teams and 20 captains in total.

The top ten winning points and the officially invited CIMA Knights will serve as the captains.

Other participants are free to choose a team to join.

The final score is the average score of the team members as the total score of the team.

Place of exit at corner C: Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center – Changbin North Fifth road.

A corner at Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center – Changbin North Fifth road allows the knight to experience the bending.

Under the cheering and attention of thousands of people, the exit breaks the circle and the road ahead is fearless jinkana experience place: the jinkana site of P1 parking lot of Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center is planned to be 2000 square meters as the experience area.

The whole process runs through the whole process with flag grabbing and flag inserting.

Foundation piles are set along the way Obstacle rubber rope, etc.

are regarded as obstacle sections, and the total completion time is counted as the result.

Location of cycling rally: Haikou Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center – No.

1 island, Haihua Island, Danzhou (official captain of China Motorcycle Expo – Liu team on-site cycling) From Haikou Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center – Danzhou Haihua Island No.

1 island, the whole journey is 174km.

While riding, motorcycle friends feel the beautiful scenery of Hainan.

While testing individual riding skills, they also test the ability of team cooperation, personnel arrangement and strategic planning.

Two carnivals and knight Carnival 2022 national motorcycle friends Island riding exchange, Two Grand Knight carnival parties will be held at Haikou Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center and Danzhou Haihua Island, where the event ends.

They will go out in the name of knight and meet in the name of friends.

Venue of Haikou Knight Carnival Party: Haikou motorcycle carnival night in P1 parking lot of Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center interprets the chivalry spirit in the form of a grand party, so that local motorcycle friends can release their joy and enjoy the “Island Music Festival” exclusive to motorcycle friends Venue of island knight Carnival: after the sea viewing platform cycling rally on Haihua Island, a motorcycle tide playing night lawn open-air music party will be held on No.

1 island of Haihua island to celebrate the carnival, and a grand rally award ceremony will be held.

Stay in the gold medal hotel for 3 nights.

Enjoy the 2022 National Motorcycle Island cycling exchange.

Stay in the gold medal hotels in Haikou and Haihua island all the way and enjoy the private beach, Have a bird’s-eye view of the sea, taste Hainan’s special meals, and enjoy the luxury island style while competing..