Is it inconvenient to answer the phone by bike? This walkie talkie can not only talk automatically, but also answer the phone

Say goodbye to the heat, and the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day are coming soon.

Many people choose to ride in groups.

When life pressure is high, riding can not only enjoy the scenery along the way, but also relieve the pressure and better face the work after the holiday.

In the process of cycling, you can also continue to exercise, increase vital capacity, promote blood circulation, strengthen the cardiovascular system, burn fat, and achieve the effect of slimming and shaping.

Cycling not only relieves stress, but also promotes health, making many people join the team consciously.

When riding, the walkie talkie becomes an indispensable communication tool because it does not require communication costs and does not require networks.

However, the selection of walkie talkies is very particular.

When riding, if you want to listen to the phone while riding, and also want to contact friends, the general walkie talkies obviously cannot meet such complex requirements.

Therefore, cyclists should choose interphones that have instant intercom, automatic intercom and can answer the phone.

The headworn multi-function multi-channel full duplex interphone I4-M of Taiyi Communication can just meet this kind of riding demand! I4-M is a headworn type, which is stable and will not fall down even in bumpy sections during riding.

Earmuffs are made of high-quality perforated protein skin, which is breathable and heat dissipating without discomfort.

The efficiency of temporary communication is very important when you want to change direction suddenly when you encounter beautiful scenery in the process of rapid response and delayed small cycling.

I4-M is a full duplex intercom mode, transmitting and receiving information can be synchronized instantaneously, while listening and speaking.

Like making a phone call, I4-M has a fast response speed and can quickly make decisions on sudden situations.

Automatic intercom, releasing both hands I4-M has VOX mode, that is, automatic intercom function, which allows cyclists to keep in touch with the team without leaving the handlebars, thus greatly ensuring the safety of riding.

The VOX function can be understood as voice activation, and the greatest effect is to completely release your hands.

If the VOX mode is turned on in a noisy environment with large background sound, the walkie talkie can collect and transmit the surrounding background sound, and keep the walkie talkie in continuous transmission.

To answer the phone, there are five versions of high-definition sound quality I4-M, of which the player version is a version specially developed for cyclists, with full duplex multi-party intercom, support for up to 16 people to talk at the same time, hearing aid mode, front ANC active noise reduction, music sharing, Bluetooth network and other functions, which can answer the phone, even when riding, it will not delay answering the phone.

I4-M uses 40MM liquid silica gel speakers to shock the subwoofer and ensure clear sound quality.

It can create a comfortable sound environment whether answering the phone or talking back.

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