Introduction to weekend cycling mountain bike – sidson sunrise 300A

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Thank you for your support! Article source: what is worth buying, author: yaoh7ao people to middle age, weight loss on the agenda.

After the success of heavy weight loss by rowing machine and diet in the early stage, it is difficult to rely on rowing machine in the current platform stage.

First, I am tired of rowing, and second, I am willing to move after my weight comes down, and I am not willing to do sports in the dirty room! The last time I cycled a bike was about 15 years ago.

At that time, giante was all the rage.

I bought giante in junior high school and rode it for 2 years.

Later, with the further study, my parents sold this mountain bike as waste.

Fifteen years later, when I had this idea again, I found that there were several more common brands, especially Merida and sidson.

But first of all, I’m not sure if I can ride it, so I have to buy a cheap one to try.

In terms of economic benefits, the company is definitely the first choice.

As for why not choose phoenix flying pigeon forever and so on, I don’t want to explain more.

I got the car and installed it according to the video.

I felt good after riding around.

So I had this sun object.

Before I bought it, I only knew a few gears.

After I bought it, I learned that there was another brand called Shimano.

Fortunately, the configuration of this car is quite decent.

Shimano has three front, eight rear, and front and rear disc brakes.

At that time, the giante had to pay at least 3000 yuan (forgive me that my idea was still 15 years ago).

It was enough for me! I made an appointment with my friends at the weekend and rode for 100 kilometers.

I felt great! A few small parts have been upgraded one after another, such as mobile phone brackets, which are not included here.

Well, by the time this article was published, I had already stared at about 2000 kilometers.

I’m going to change to a mountain bike.

I found that I can pedal 200 kilometers a day without stopping.

So I need a better car.

It can be faster and lighter.

It also needs an oil brake and 30 speeds.

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