Interesting creative animation of “keyboard rider”

Pay attention to the “riding king” and watch the world ride! In the past, the post-95 girls in Hunan were recommended to roam China by bike for one year.

Mother: lying is only a short-term trip.

Four times, the man failed to persuade him to “try riding” a second-hand bike with slippers! Trampled 300 kilometers Why is cycling a golden sport? In addition to the chip, the key parts and technologies of the bicycle were also recommended by six entry-level road vehicles with high cost performance in the West.

For two months, the 68 year old grandmother rode 6200 kilometers to Tibet alone! After stealing 150000 from the roadside, the man fled across three provinces and rode nearly 300 kilometers overnight A foreign man’s “motorcycle shock” shocked the world! The article comes from the Internet.

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