In Lishui, find a home stay to celebrate the Spring Festival, walk and ride, and say hi to a healthy new life

During the Spring Festival holiday, let’s have a “say and go trip” with our family.

Meet the sunshine, bird language and flower fragrance intimately, and let our body and soul stretch completely.

For the new year, “refuel and recharge” find a home stay in Lishui for a small vacation, stroll and ride to a healthy new life.

Say hi, sister Yo has arranged it for you: home vacation, explore a different leisure life, part 01 Youchuang lake view dew camp is a windy wanghong campsite.

You must punch in during the Spring Festival.

In the campsite, you can not only take beautiful photos of the same type of little red book, but also feel the night lake view of Xianlu island at night Camping and bonfire barbecue are comfortable and decompressed.

It’s a resort ~ = address = Youchuang lake view campsite in Baihua garden, menglishui Township, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan = reservation telephone = 15360099171part The large heart-shaped flower bed of the new wanghong RV Resort in the 02 Moyuan Meisu holiday camp is stunning.

Beside it is a spacious, dry and clean love plank road.

In this limited place, build a beautiful place where nature and life permeate each other.

Enjoy Fafa, take photos, and naturally have a barbecue in nature! The independent Pavilion is fully equipped, so that you can enjoy the delicious food and experience the natural wild fun.

When you are tired, you must experience the current fashionable and popular tent camping, feel the most primitive natural atmosphere, and find the harmony of natural physical and mental integration.

Although it is only a tent, it does not reduce the quality of star hotels, big beds and air conditioners, Wardrobe is available, creating a warm living space experience and creating more possibilities for vacation = address = Tu mingdawei, Xianliao Nanzhou village, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, No.

1 Moyuan ยท Meisu holiday camp = contact number = 18144913169part 03 Taohuayuan B & B is a simple and advanced one, which is cured! The home stay is just like its name: pottery and flowers give this single family home a different Zen meaning.

You can see the pottery of various shapes everywhere.

It’s like walking into a museum.

You might as well stop in a hurry and enjoy it slowly or make a few or two friends.

In the spacious and open new Chinese home stay, it’s like a peach blossom garden.

Fade away for a Chinese elegant Spring Festival ~ = address = tao Huayuan, No.

20, Dongxing Street, beizhou village, Nanhai District, Foshan City Home stay = Tel.

= 13612531688part 04 nursery ยท Yuejiang boutique B & B provides multiple spaces for B & B exchange and collision.

The nursery is built near the river, with “water” as the medium, living on the river and pushing open the windows.

The green can be seen everywhere.

The multiple space supporting will present the aesthetics all the time.

The leisure area, water main landscape area, reception area, terrace area, open-air swimming pool, rooftop garden and starry terrace are here, away from the disturbance, Enjoy the beauty of life.

Different theme rooms have different natural experiences.

When you open your eyes in the morning, you seem to be in a natural ink painting, with plain white walls, log cabinets, large skylights and terraces…

When night comes, turn off the lights in the room, you can see five theme rooms with “stars all over the sky” on the roof, sunset, trees, invitation to the moon, listening to the wind and sailing, Feel free to choose ~ = address = one of the nurseries next to the drainage waterlogging station in Xianliao village, Nanhai District, Foshan City ยท Yuejiang boutique B & B = contact number = 16603085578.

There are various treasures and scenic spots in Lishui hidden around these B & B.

let’s walk with sister yo! Open the healthy life of Spring Festival ~ stroll and ride # say hi to a healthy new life # Spring Festival, it’s suitable to ride the romantic Xianlu Island greenway around the island to meet you in spring.

You can ride around the island as you like.

Walking on the island seems to shuttle freely through a dense forest.

The greenway around the island has a total length of 13.8km.

The air is fresh and the climate is pleasant, so you can enjoy a quiet time here, It’s a good place to travel healthily during the Spring Festival ~ = address = Xianlu Island, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, for the Spring Festival, it’s better to climb up on the clouds and have a different flavor of the new year.

Climb up the flag peak step by step.

The atmosphere of the Spring Festival is full.

By the way, make your new year’s wish at the top of the mountain ~ after enjoying the scenery along the way, remember to punch in the flag building on the mountain.

It integrates historical celebrities, historical sites, ancient buildings Intangible cultural heritage is an integral whole.

You can enjoy history and culture while climbing the mountain = address = zhanqifeng ecological park, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Spring Festival, It is appropriate to meet Lishui riverside in Spring Festival.

Starting from Mengli water Township scenic spot, you can watch the beautiful lighting during the flower moon night.

The colorful lanterns decorate the river during the day, while the lighting along the river during the flower moon night will be more beautiful at night.

At night, with the small lights hanging on both sides of the river, the riverside adds a bit of new year’s celebration, and in the riverside where the green can’t be turned off Viewing the scenery along the river on the winding viewing terrace of the trestle road is simply too comfortable ~ through the trestle Road, you come to the graffiti wall, and you see the new weather of the 100 meter long graffiti wall in the new year, and the first shot of the new year is here! Taking advantage of the Spring Festival, Take a vacation to unlock more new ways of playing Lishui Spring Festival and enjoy the panoramic scenery of Lishui riverside walking = address = Mengli water Township scenic spot in Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, during January 21 to January 30, the scenic spot is still holding a display of the spring festival atmosphere of Mengli water Township from January 21 to January 30.

If you are interested, please hurry up and punch in ~ if you want to know more details about flower moon night, please click below Picture into understanding ~ ๐Ÿ‘‡ 2022 dreamland flower moon night information poked here โ†“ ๐Ÿ‘‡ (slide left and right and click).