Immersion fitness? Riding in the cyberpunk world is super exciting!

‘s contribution fee (click to enter the applet interface) Dynamic Cycling You must know that the Trip, which has saved many people’s thick legs and bucket waist, was reported by CNN and TIME as an unprecedented revolutionary riding course.

It changed the rules of the game and turned the original ordinary cycling trip into a future riding trip.

It is extremely interesting, Come and listen to gogo and talk to you about ApexCycle’s The Trip course.

The bike room integrates a 270 ° super large movie screen projection range from the ground to the ceiling and the wall.

After special surround audio and video processing, the shocking audio-visual experience can be called “crossing” It’s like being in the surreal future space, giving you a super avant-garde fitness experience.

When you ride, the light and shadow change.

Whether you are playing with fish under the sea, exploring the mysteries of the jungle, climbing mountains to see mountains, or even going to space for a leisurely walk, you can achieve<