If you want to advance in riding, you must understand this 1% philosophy!

Tim dewell has an interesting theory in cycling: “if you can make progress of 1% in every field and slowly accumulate, you will suddenly find that you have made progress of 5% or more one day.” With this philosophy, the British national cycling team has gradually become a super rival from an ordinary strong team.

Not only is it invincible in the field competition, but also there are many excellent and successful professional road car players in the team.

In fact, the “1% philosophy” is not only applicable to professional drivers, but also ordinary leisure players can benefit from it! Next, let’s look at how to apply the “1% philosophy” to our bicycle life.

[go to bed 30 minutes earlier] according to the latest research, the most ideal sleep time for ordinary people is 6 to 7 hours, but we cyclists are not “ordinary people”! In short, if you receive intensive training, your body must have a good rest, and the best way to rest is sleep! Going to bed 30 minutes earlier can give your muscles a little more time to recover, so that you won’t have muscle pain the next day.

[listening to your body] it is important to have a regular training plan.

However, if the implementation is too strict, it may have adverse effects, either causing excessive training or injury.

The body is the best training tool.

You should listen to its sound.

Today, I was expected to go all out to the mountain for 10 times, but I suddenly felt that I was not right.

Let’s have a rest! Interval or timing training when tired will not only have no effect, but also may cause excessive training.

At this time, let yourself ride easily, or rest at home.

Don’t feel guilty, because sometimes the body just needs to rest.

[eat more fruits] vegetables and fruits are valuable sources of vitamins and antioxidants.

Unfortunately, most people do not take enough.

It is generally recommended that you eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables every day.

Some fruits and vegetables are especially suitable for cyclists, such as cherries, which can promote muscle recovery.

Although beet juice is not very good to drink, it can enhance physical performance by 16%.

Vitamin C can prevent and treat colds, while broccoli can prevent cancer.

[interval training] many people can’t have too much training time because of their busy life, but it’s actually good to take time to do interval training.

be careful! Interval training is quite tiring.

If the training method is correct and persistent, it will have unexpected effects.

It is also very important to find information.

You need to find a training method that suits your goals! [keep the chain clean] the author always didn’t care about the cleaning of bicycles before.

Later, a Dutch professional driver said that a clean chain can save 15 watts of kinetic energy.

Although the author has never confirmed the correctness of the numbers, my chain has been clean since then! [upgrade your tires and wheel sets] the most important part of the car is the wheel set.

Having good tires and wheel sets can greatly improve the riding quality and increase the tread efficiency.

If upgrading the wheel set is too expensive, then upgrade the tire! The performance of different tires can be completely different.

It is suggested that you can search for information on the Internet to see which type of tire has the lowest rolling resistance and the best performance of explosion-proof tire.

[check your posture] ask an experienced rider to see if there is something to correct in the riding posture.

Most drivers’ seat cushions are too high, so it is easy to cause excessive force and injury when stepping on them.

Removing several gaskets or adjusting the faucet may greatly improve the riding performance, and of course, the fun will also increase.

[keep smiling] if you think you are a cyclist, sometimes the expression of riding may be too serious.

At this time, I will remind myself to remember to keep a happy mood during training, and don’t forget the original intention of riding a bike! Source: Triathlon long press the above two-dimensional code to get to know more riders ———..