If you don’t have these four pieces of equipment for riding, don’t hurry on the road

I believe all riders know how much money it costs to ride.

However, even if you don’t need these four pieces of equipment and a helmet for the sake of riding safety and happiness, you must wear a helmet when riding.

However, many riders ignore the hidden dangers and go on the road without wearing a helmet because they ride the river, park, or generally commute to and from work because they are the most familiar roads.

Some doctors in China pointed out that there are often cases of intracranial hemorrhage caused by falling off a bike without wearing a helmet.

Don’t think you can dress casually just riding by the river or in the park.

You must wear a helmet when riding a bike, whether long or short.

At least you can protect your head when you fall off the bike.

When purchasing products, we should pay attention to whether there are EU CE, en1078 certification or North American CPSC certification, as well as more stringent TUV and SGS certification in Germany and Switzerland.

Although some domestic non export products have no European and American certification, they should also have GB domestic quality standards and have been tested for safety.

You can find the gb24429 certification on the products or ask the store for verification.

A second-hand glove is as important as a helmet.

Gloves can not only reduce the danger caused by wet hands, but also absorb the shock and impulse of riding and reduce hand numbness.

In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat, and even provide protection in case of car crash.

Female cyclists who are afraid of tanning can also protect themselves from the sun and the cold in winter.

Buy Gloves according to your own demands.

If you mainly ride at leisure on weekdays, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on functional gloves.

In addition, in order to buy Gloves for children, in addition to the appropriate size, they usually do not need too many shock absorption and other functions, but mainly emphasize the anti-skid safety.


cycling clothes the next step is to choose a suitable cycling clothes for yourself.

They not only have bright appearance, but also provide protection and have functionality, comfort and convenience.

How to choose a cycling suit is also the most important thing for many riders.

In terms of functionality, a proper cycling suit can make you ride more comfortably and efficiently.

Its special material and close fitting tailoring can effectively transport the sweat on the body surface to the surface of the clothes through the clothing fiber, and quickly evaporate while riding, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient perspiration and dry riding.

In design, the elastic and close fitting tailoring can effectively reduce wind resistance and discomfort caused by friction between clothes and skin.

At the same time, the inner cushion design of the riding pants can properly absorb the shock and diffuse the pressure distribution, reducing the pressure on the perineum.

▲ comfortable riding clothes can not only help you ride, but also make you more happy.


Riding glasses are a window to your heart.

You should take care of your eyes and protect them as much as possible during the riding process.

Without proper protective measures, it is very easy to cause eye diseases, especially when the long-distance riding wind is strong, and even serious consequences may be caused by flying insects or foreign bodies flying into the eyes.

In addition to small insects and foreign bodies flying into the eyes, the fierce sunlight and strong ultraviolet rays are also one of the main culprits that harm the majority of cyclists.

Therefore, cyclists who go out on bicycles should prepare eye protection equipment.

When choosing riding glasses, riders should comply with the principle of at least half covering and fitting without gaps, so as to prevent foreign bodies from entering the eyes; In addition, in order to reduce the damage of light and ultraviolet rays to the eyes, anti UVA and UVB lenses can be selected.

The lens colors are mainly gray and brown.

As you cross the entry level, with the increase of your age and skills, you will feel that you need more equipment.

For example, it is time to have a pair of lock shoes, and then you may need a shoe cover, etc…