“If you can’t ride a bike, you can get this!”! Can I get my motorcycle license in two days?

In the recent two years, the problem of novice drivers is prominent in the motorcycle casualty accidents.

The reporter’s investigation found that as the “first hurdle” to get a book on the road, many driving schools in Beijing have “flexible” class hours and can pass the test.

The saying that “you can get a book if you can’t ride a bicycle” has attracted a large number of zero basic students.

There are even some “crash groups” that go to other places to take the test, which guarantee that you can get a driver’s license in two days.

The trainees are conducting motorcycle driving test training.

“Motorcycles are not like cars, and the class requirements are not so rigid.” The registration receptionist of Fengshun driving school said that if the students have a foundation and meet the test standards, they can take the test.

“It is not necessary to complete 20 hours of training before taking the test.” At the registration and consultation office of Yuanda driving school, the staff told the reporter: “the first and fourth class hours are handled on their mobile phones, and the second and third class hours are not managed by themselves.” The reporter inquired about the meaning of “don’t worry about yourself”.

The other party replied: “if you think you can do it once, you can also take the exam.

You don’t care about the class.” Among the many driving schools interviewed by the reporter, only the staff of Dongfang Fashion Driving School said that the students need to complete certain class hours, but it is not difficult to complete the class hours.

If the time planning is reasonable and the training is smooth, they can complete the car training and examination after three trips.

It is understood that the first subject passes the examination, and the other subjects can only be tested after 15 days.

If you want to get this book faster, there is a shortcut.

“One day to train, one day to take the exam!” The reporter saw on the Internet that the motorcycle driver’s license has been completed in two days.

After dialing a phone call, the other party provided two choices: “one is to go to Shijiazhuang, Hebei, with shuttle buses, and the other is to go to Weifang, Shandong.

The second and third subjects there are manual exams, which can ensure passing.

No matter which one, the four exams will be compressed in two days.” In terms of price, the other party introduced that it was 1700 yuan in the middle of the week and 2000 yuan in the weekend.

In his wechat circle of friends, the buses from Beijing to other places for examinations this summer were full of people, and the scene was very “hot”.

Learning three wheel satchels but riding two wheel motorcycles “let’s take the d-book test.

It’s cost-effective and has a high pass rate!” During the interview, the staff of the major driving schools were very tacit, and all encouraged them to learn “three wheel satchel”.

A coach told the reporter that he can only drive a two wheeled motorcycle after taking the E test.

If he takes the D test, he can drive three or two wheels, and the price is three to four hundred yuan.

The most important thing is that it is easy to drive and test.

“Now 85% of the people are learning three rounds, and many of them regret learning two rounds, especially the girls who wrestle with the zero basic students.” At the motorcycle training ground of Fengshun driving school, when the reporter asked where the two wheels of motorcycles were trained, the coach simply replied: “we have three wheels here.

Anyone who can’t ride a bicycle can take the test.

The stability of the three wheels is better than that of the two wheels.

When the two wheels pass the test, the feet can’t touch the ground.

There is no problem with the three wheels.” When the reporter doubtfully said that since the stability was different, it was not equal to riding two wheels to be stable after three rounds of practice, but the other side said that it was OK to pass the exam first and then practice on the road.

Are these two models really similar? Duan Zhiguo, lecturer of the member club of China Automobile Motorcycle Federation, frankly said that whether or not he can drive the two models has a great relationship with the basis of the students.

It is indeed a challenge for beginners with poor driving skills to ride two wheels after only learning three wheels.

“Don’t be greedy for the so-called cost performance.

The driving methods and operating skills of two and three wheels are very different.” A motorcycle friend who kept zero accidents posted that he had seen too many traffic accidents caused by driving on two wheels and reversing in place and “oil brake cooperation error” after taking the test.

“Learning to drive in a driving school is a process of trial and error, and there are too many knowledge points in the two wheels.” It is easy for a bold novice to take the book and run the mountain.

A large number of bold novices drive large displacement motorcycles to run the mountain.

Duan Zhiguo said that novices with a distance of less than 3000 kilometers are not suitable for mountain running.

“Especially impulsive young people, they are easy to chase and race, and they are very dangerous once they get on.” Duan Zhiguo gives an example.

A novice’s mistake is to cut off the power in a curve.

“When you are nervous in a curve, it is easy to clutch and brake.

If you are stiff, it is easy to fall.” When going downhill, although sliding in neutral saves fuel, it is easy to fail to brake the car.

Even for the veteran, he also suggested not to run mountain racing.

“There is no fault tolerance rate on the mountain road.

A slight mistake in judgment is very dangerous! If you want to race, you can go to a professional motorcycle track.

The safety protection measures are relatively complete.” Duan Zhiguo is committed to popularizing the knowledge of safe driving of motorcycles on the short video platform.

The six words “ride slowly until you get old” will be mentioned at the end of each video.

Reporter’s notes: driver training can not be pushed to the road.

During the interview, many motorcycle drivers said that they found that they could only learn “fur” in the driving school.

For their own safety, they would go to a special safety driving agency for “further study” after obtaining a motorcycle driving license.

However, not all novices have such safety awareness.

“The domestic motorcycle driver’s license should be more detailed, and the difficulty of the driving test should be appropriately raised to avoid becoming a group of ‘road killers’.” Mr.

Xu, a citizen, has been driving motorcycles for more than ten years.

He took a driving license when studying in Japan.


Xu introduced that the Japanese motorcycle driver’s license is graded according to the emission.

From low to high, it needs a level-1 test.

After passing the level-1 test, it needs to meet certain time requirements before it can be tested to the next level.

When driving on the road, the displacement of the vehicle must correspond to the driver’s license, which can avoid driving a large displacement vehicle that is difficult to drive.

Practical learning, graded examination and similar training and examination modes are worthy of our reference.

Driving schools should have trained qualified drivers, and should not only focus on enabling students to pass the test quickly..