If you can’t go to Kenting around the sea, go to Qidu island next to Yueqing in winter vacation and have a happy tour around the island!

People always seem to be contradictory, while they are determined to go to the bustling metropolis to bite their teeth and to be reluctant to go to the countryside far away from the city.

They can’t go to the seven islands around the Oujiang River in Kenting, which is surrounded by the sea.

They are also a little Utopia with blue sky and green grass.

Let’s enjoy the happy island.

This article contains the source of the I, Lucheng, Wenzhou ancient road, official account, Please contact wechat for travel recommendation: 17138950 (click to understand the quotation) Qidu rents a small electric car or bicycle to ride, catch up with the warm wind on a sunny day, look at the flowing water people, pass by the vast fields, and a sense of happiness arises spontaneously.

Qidu dike pond Island surrounding landscape greenway this dike pond has a total length of 14.8km.

It has both river scenery around the island and rural scenery with urban characteristics.

It can also exercise here.

Tourists come to Qidu every weekend, and fishing enthusiasts can often be seen at the dike pond on the island.

Choose a warm afternoon and ride around the island.

Feel the wet river wind blowing across your face and relieve pressure on your daily study and work.

Occasionally see a piece of green, drive and stop, run along the lawn, and then lie down at will, smell a deep breath and feel the sweetness in the air.

The breath of nature can make people completely relax.

Zhangli flower wall when the countryside meets creativity, the forgotten life interest buried in green bricks and old houses suddenly jumps up, deriving more vitality and vitality.

In Zhangli village, bridges, flowing water and people are indispensable.

In a typical small village in the south of the Yangtze River, bridges are built because of water, and water works because of bridges, so that the two families on the other side can help each other.

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