I will teach you how to deal with the sudden cramp during cycling

My cycling friends, if you ride your bike for a long time, will you feel cramps? The body can’t help mastering it? What should I do if I have cramps on my bike? Cramp is one of the most common accidents in cycling, especially when riding at high speed.

What should we do if such a problem occurs? Now we will solve this problem for you.

Once you feel a sign, you should slow down and get out of the car as soon as possible.

Don’t panic.

Follow the steps below to give first aid to yourself.

Fingers: The cramped hand first clenches the fist, then forcibly stretches and opens it, repeating this action until it recovers.

Palm: The two palms meet, and the unstrained palm bends back by pressing the cramped palm with force, then releases, and repeats the action until it recovers.

Arm: The cramped hand first clenches the fist, then bends the forearm to the shoulder, then stretches the arm and extends the palm.

The medical education | education network collects, sorts out and repeats the action until it recovers.

Toes: Hold the cramped toes with your hands, pull them back, and repeat until they recover.

Calf: hold the toe on the side of the cramp with your hand, pull it back forcefully, and press the knee down with your other hand to straighten the leg, and repeat until it recovers.

Thighs: bend the thighs and knees to the front of the abdomen, embrace them with both hands, release and straighten the legs, and repeat until recovery.

Do you remember the above methods to relieve foot cramps? We should also pay attention to that when cramps occur during cycling, in addition to emergency treatment, there should be at least several days of hot compress and medicine massage after going home, otherwise cramps will easily occur again…