I will definitely go to Bidao again

A few days ago, I learned from Guo Xiaomei, a bodybuilder I admire, that there is a Jiangbei “green road” (not called the green road) near my home.

After work today, I decided to punch in.

The river beach near Erqi Bridge has been built for several years.

My home is not far from here, but I have never been here.

Take the bus to Weisang Road, Jiefang Avenue, and find a bike sharing car after getting off.

Maybe because there are few people, sharing bicycles is not prohibited from entering the river beach, and it is very comfortable to ride.

A little closer to the Erqi Yangtze River Bridge, I also looked back at the Second Yangtze River Bridge and the landmark green space.

Crossing under the Erqi Bridge, the riverside is still a virgin land full of reeds.

A few years ago, a Jiangbei Expressway leading to Yangluo was built.

Last year, I was lucky to be taken to practice driving and walked back and forth.

It was really fast! The so-called “Bidao”, if I am not mistaken, should be a section of the old Yanjiang Avenue, which was previously passed by the bus to Wuhu.

Although Guo Mei told me that the Bi Road leads to my home, she did not walk through it, and she has no idea.

It was getting dark, and only occasionally did people ride bicycles, electric bikes, or one or two night runners come from the opposite direction.

It is unrealistic to say that you are not afraid of it.

Even some film scenes about murder have appeared in my mind [covering my face].

When I meet someone, I ask how far the next exit is.

It was completely dark.

Although there were sparse street lamps, there was a large section of the road.

One person did not see or say, but there were still thick trees on both sides.

Instead, he saw two puppies 🐶, One of them barked at me.

At that moment, the happiness brought by cycling was offset by regret.

Fortunately, in the end, I rode to the gate of the community smoothly.

Now I have been home for a long time, and my legs are still sore.

I still make up my mind: I will go to Bidao again when I have time! ​​。.