I was very happy because I rode 80 kilometers and finished it at 5:00

Time flies.

The past is like yesterday.

In the twinkling of an eye, I feel that my son has grown up! A few days ago, you said you would ride back to BOLUO’s hometown from Shenzhen, and began to check the bike, wash the appearance, put oil on the chain, do a good job in braking, look at the route on Gaode map and prepare to drive dry.

When everything was ready, you began to implement the plan yesterday.

In order to make yourself ride home at one go, you asked me to send you from Baoan Xixiang, Shenzhen to Baoan Shiyan Wetland Park, Shenzhen, and start riding from there.

You said that if you do this, you can ride 10 kilometers less and get home in one breath if you are fast.

Sure enough, yesterday you rode 80 kilometers at 5:00 a.m.

and began to return at 7:30 a.m.

and arrived at your destination at 12:00 p.m.

as a father, you felt that you had grown up, deeply comforted, happy in your heart, and had an unspeakable happiness.

At first, I was a little worried about your road safety, but looking at the positioning you sent back all the way, I slowly let go of my heart step by step.

Because I know that I am more assured in terms of physical fitness and experience.

Because of the safety problem of riding on the road and riding alone, I feel uneasy for my father! Although you are 15 years old now, in the eyes of a father, no matter how much you are, you are mostly a child in the eyes of me and your mother.

Whenever I think of your childhood past, such as mischief in class, being often asked by teachers to their parents in primary school, saying that their attitude is not correct…, dealing with blackmail from classmates on the first day of junior high school…, and some learning things, I have a headache.

But some things are handled properly, such as you are dealing with the blackmail of your classmates, choosing to calm down and call the police…

And so on! These past events, from the perspective of the present, are your experience, your way, and your experience on the way of growth.

Child (Yukang)! Dad wants you to go your own way.

The choice is in your hand.

You decide your future.

You take the responsibility of your choice.

Being an anti fragile person in the future is better than anything.

Time: January 28, 2022..