I fell in love with cycling after the blood vessels were set up

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Thank you for your support! Source of the article: after the support of the social blood vessel of chayanguan, the consciousness of exercise came up.

At the beginning, it was about 10000 steps a day.

After walking for several months, I felt uncomfortable in my legs.

At night, my knees were too sore to sleep.

But they dare not stop, because exercise is an important means to promote blood circulation.

People with poor cardiovascular system are afraid of sluggish blood circulation.

So even if your knees are sore, you have to harden your scalp and keep walking every day.

One comes, two goes, the tangle in my heart is getting worse and worse.

I want to make the blood vessels unobstructed through walking, and I’m afraid that if I walk too much, the knee synovial effusion will be damaged.

One day, while walking on the road, I met a peer who also insisted on walking every day and rode a mountain bike.

During a short chat, I learned that his knees were sore due to long-distance walking every day, so I changed the sports and chose riding again.

I thought that cycling should also be suitable for me.

So the next day, I took care of the mountain bike that had been stopped for a long time, wiped it clean to get enough air, and rode out.

At the beginning of riding, I felt very laborious, just like all parts of a bicycle rusted.

After a few kilometers, I was already exhausted, much more tired than walking.

So I took the time to brush Tiktok and search the video of my peers’ riding.

When I saw an old man in his eighties who insisted on riding 50-100 kilometers every day, I was determined to continue.

After a period of time, my body gradually adapted to the riding movement.

The riding process was no longer as arduous as it was at the beginning.

I had to get off when I went uphill.

Now I can step on some uphill slopes with a small range.

Riding also needs norms and skills.

I couldn’t find a teacher, so I searched online for relevant tutorials, and gradually mastered some essentials and skills in combination with riding practice, so as to further improve the quality and efficiency of riding and achieve the goal of correct exercise and scientific exercise.

Today, I ride four to five days a week, with a distance of 30 to 50 kilometers.

Compared with many riders of my age, there is still a big gap.

But after all, I am a man in his sixties, and exercise should be done step by step.

For a person who is in a hurry for success, there is only harm but no benefit.

After riding all the way, although it was not a long time, I felt that my body and mind were changing in the direction of health: first, physically, I felt that I was full of energy, and I was no longer haunted by fatigue; There is no problem of insomnia.

Now you can go to bed next to the pillow, and the quality of sleep is much better; What’s more, the knees are not so sore.

A rider once said: as long as you master the posture, you won’t hurt your knees.

It seems so; Second, as a sport, riding can also cultivate sentiment.

In the process of cycling, you can enjoy the scenery and cultural attractions you have never seen before.

I grew up in Linzi, the former capital of the state of Qi.

I was old Linzi, but I stayed in the county before.

Although I was familiar with the Eight Sights of Linzi, I had hardly seen the actual scenic spots.

After I started riding, I was able to enjoy the mountains and rivers of my hometown, beautiful scenery, edify my sentiment, increase Qi cultural knowledge and improve my own realm.

Now, I feel like I have become addicted to riding.

If I don’t ride for a few days, I feel terrible.

It’s like a person with an alcohol addiction can’t drink for a few days.

But this kind of addiction is a kind of good addiction, which is beneficial to the body and mind.

So I want to tell my peers – brothers and sisters, try riding.

Riding will make you full of vitality and rejuvenate! Reminder: please consult a professional doctor if it is suitable for riding after operation.

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