I don’t tell him these little details of riding!

When riding, many riders will find that they have been riding, but they have not been able to improve, and soon appear fatigue and physical weakness.

Today, Xiaobian will tell you some little riding details that you don’t tell others.

Doing these details will help you greatly improve your riding level…

First, don’t be fast and slow.

Keep the speed.

Don’t blindly chase the speed.

The key to riding is to keep the speed.

Don’t be fast and slow.

Try to ride hard and stop step by step.

Speed does not determine how aggressive you are, and forced acceleration can easily increase your body load and cause injury.

2、 When you look back, be sure to control the handle.

When you need to look back, your hand can’t leave the handle.

First, pay attention to the road ahead.

You must sit right on your upper body, grasp the faucet near the riser with your right hand, then release your left hand, twist your body slightly on the seat cushion and look at it.

When you ride with another person, you can sit straight and touch your fellow rider’s shoulder, which will help you ride in a straight line.

3、 When you turn, raise your inner pedal.

When you turn, be sure to put your center of gravity on the outer pedal and don’t let the inner pedal be located below, because if you lower the inner pedal, it is easy to fall.

To cross the corner safely, you have to stop pedaling when you approach the corner, let the outer pedal face down, and then pedal after crossing the corner.

4、 When braking, you need to move the center of gravity backward.

The transfer of the center of gravity is not only needed when turning.

When you use the front brake, your center of gravity will move forward naturally due to inertia.

You must practice consciously moving your center of gravity backward (lower your body and move your butt back) when you start braking.

The more the center of gravity moves back, you can use more braking force.

5、 When passing through the bumpy road section, the standing brake is adopted.

When the road condition ahead is poor, it is necessary to slow down and stand through.

The standing mode is also adopted when braking.

Standing up to brake the knees and elbows can well absorb the vibration brought by the road and reduce discomfort.

6、 When riding at high speed, take turns to rest your legs.

If you want to maintain continuous acceleration, you can take turns to rest your legs.

Take treading four times as a cycle, and let one leg rest once in each cycle, so it is not easy to feel tired and can maintain efficient output.

7、 When following a car, you must brake in advance.

During following, it is easy for two cars to collide.

Most of them are that the front wheel of the car behind hits the rear wheel of the car in front, loses balance and falls.

When two cars collide, be calm.

The athletes behind don’t brake, just slow down a little.

8、 A good riding posture can save more energy.

A correct riding posture will make the riding posture more efficient.

Keep your shoulders relaxed, let your shoulders sag naturally, arch your back naturally, keep your knees and toes ahead, and keep your legs rotating.

The riding efficiency will be higher if you use this posture.

9、 Don’t step on the pedal when shifting, otherwise the acceleration chain will become longer or even break.

According to the road conditions, change gears frequently and keep the pedal frequency at 80-90 revolutions per minute.

10、 When sprinting, you can lift the handlebar upward.

When you climb a slope or sprint, you can also lift and pull your handlebar backward while you step on it.

In this way, you can get more trampling power and better transfer more power to your feet.

11、 When improving your ability, you can sprint from time to time.

If you want to improve your riding ability, you can suggest doing a small sprint every half an hour to let your muscles move and get exercise.

Don’t always use some muscles, which will also help relieve muscle pain.

12、 When replenishing water, use a small amount of water for many times to replenish water during cycling.

Follow the principles of “small mouthful, slow drinking for many times” and “timely” to ensure physical vitality.

If you do not replenish water in time, the body function will decline, the muscle contraction speed and blood flow speed will slow down, resulting in insufficient supply of muscle energy materials and oxygen, reduced riding efficiency, severe cramps and accidents.

Details determine success or failure.

These small details of riding are the key to improve your skills.

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