I can’t blame others for such a problem in riding!

The problem of riding safety is often in our own hands.

When we ride, many people tend to ignore some bad habits and problems.

Although things are small, they are likely to be the culprit of serious accidents.

If you have the following riding habits and problems, you should pay attention to them.

Once there are riding accidents or accidents, you may not blame others.

When we ride, many riders like to be cool and ride with one hand grip or grip.

Once we don’t grasp the balance or encounter an unexpected situation, we don’t have time to re grip and brake, resulting in collision accidents and accidental personal injuries.

Avoid: no matter in rain or sunshine, you should not ride with an umbrella – even if the umbrella is installed on the fixed bracket of the handlebar.

The open umbrella has a large wind resistance, which can easily cause the bicycle to swing and hinder the sight of the rider.

Therefore, it is very dangerous.

The same is true for riding with one hand.

As for the two handed sprinkling handle, when you sprint to win the championship in the race or on the plateau without a car, it’s OK to cheer, but don’t bring this practice to the daily cycling, it will cause hidden dangers to you and the people around you.

Unskilled in unlocking when we ride, we need to practice locking, and then we can formally ride on the road.

If we haven’t mastered the skills of locking shoes, we encounter accidents on the road, forget to unlock or unlock in time, resulting in loss of balance and car crash.

Avoid: practice the process of locking and unlocking at home to make it a habit to form muscle memory.

After going on the road, when passing through intersections, crowded and bad road sections, we should develop the habit of slowing down in advance.

Generally, the right lock should be unlocked first.

In case of complicated situations, it is recommended to unlock both feet at the same time.

We don’t pay attention when we ride.

We like to listen to music while riding, make phone calls while riding, and even look back when we ride.

Once a road fault is found or a sudden motor vehicle enters, it will cause accidents such as collision or falling.

Avoid: you can only relax a little if there is no major threat such as cars.

Life safety is much more important than enjoying scenery and music! We don’t recommend wearing earphones or playing external audio, because it is easy to distract from music.

It’s even worse to wear earphones, because earphones will block dangerous warning sounds such as car horns and pedestrian calls, and let you enter a dangerous situation.

The handlebar is your steering wheel.

You should hold it tightly and concentrate on the road ahead.

We don’t pay attention to the safe distance.

When we ride, we often take chances and like to take short cuts, close to the curve and overtake in the hope of seizing the opportunity.

This kind of mentality is absolutely unacceptable, especially in our urban roads or under unknown road conditions.

Once an accident occurs, such as the sudden entry of motor vehicles, it will cause accidental collision and injury.

Avoidance method: overtaking shall be carried out under the condition of ensuring the safety of the other party, and sufficient safety distance shall be reserved.

Never overtake on a curve, whether it’s a car or a bicycle.

Each has his own way.

Especially on the winding mountain road.

Never cross the opposite lane on a curve.

For unknown road sections, pay attention to observation and pass slowly and cautiously.

When encountering sharp bends and steep downhill sections, even if you are familiar with the road conditions, you should not speed too fast, so as to prevent the unexpected sand, oil and obstacles on the road from causing out of control.

Don’t observe the surrounding environment when we ride, if we change the line, turn or brake suddenly, we need to carefully observe the surrounding situation and make a correct judgment before operating, otherwise, the rear vehicle will not react enough and cause a collision.

Avoidance method: in the process of riding, in addition to observing the road conditions in front of you, you should also pay attention to the conditions on both sides with your spare light.

Never brake suddenly without notice.

When turning, it is better to make corresponding gestures to remind the vehicles behind when judging the safety.

Make sure it is safe before turning.

Do not obey the traffic rules when we ride, we must obey the traffic rules.

When we pass through the intersection, we do not obey the signal light, do not control, do not slow down, fight for the last few seconds, and suddenly pass through the intersection quickly, so that the car can not avoid it, resulting in a collision accident.

Avoidance method: when encountering an intersection, you should first slow down and install traffic signal lights.

After observing the traffic, you can pass safely on the premise of ensuring safety.

Don’t race against the clock! Bad riding habits will cause unnecessary harm.

What other bad riding habits do you have? Come to the message area to discuss! …

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