Huanhua cycling diary 537-538 days (the 50th-51st day in Heilongjiang)

From Lishu District, Jixi City to xilihe village, Dongning City, Mudanjiang City, 96km from August 26, 2022, the weather changed from sunny to rainy.

The temperature was 8-21.

On August 27, 2022, it rained in xilihe village.

The temperature was 9-12.

The sunrise was 04:34 and the sunset was 18:01.

Today’s cycling record was sunny in the morning.

The tent was like a oven.

I got up, packed up and planned to start early.

Today, the journey was a little long (110 + km).

I had breakfast outside and started at 8:00.

It was climbing and windward again.

From Jixi City to the junction of Heilongjiang and Jilin, it belongs to the Laoyeling mountain range of the Changbai Mountain system, with an average elevation of 500-700 meters.

The highest peak, Mudan peak, is 1115 meters above sea level.

The fir trees on the hillside are a bit like the forest in ALSHAN.

The road is undulating and some climb.

When you come to Muling City after 40 kilometers, you need to turn in for 5 kilometers in the urban area, but you don’t get in when you go.

The road sign in Muling City says “eight directions”.

Generally, when you take a bus to Muling City, you will say “eight directions”.

Muling City is named after Muling River, which is the hometown of Chinese soybeans and the hometown of Chinese yew.

As its name implies, the “eight links” is an extremely developed transportation network.

It is 70 kilometers away from Mudanjiang City, the Eastern Center of Heilongjiang Province, Jixi City, the coal electrification base, and Suifenhe City, the Centennial port.

It borders Russia in the East, Suifenhe River, Dongning and other national first-class ports in the south.

Its geographical location is an important traffic channel both internally and externally.

After a morning’s ascent, the last 5km came down to Maqiaohe town and turned in to have lunch before continuing.

There are also rotten roads in the town.

There are potholes everywhere.

The shops are dirty, and the idea of eating noodles is eliminated.

After turning around, I went back into a Malatang shop with a clean appearance.

This Malatang restaurant can’t choose dishes.

It’s divided into big bowls and small bowls.

All the food should be taken care of.

Maqiaohe town Maqiaohe town Malatang lunch baked eggs baked eggs are often seen in the northeast and have not been tasted.

The appearance is green, a little like a preserved egg, but there is no egg yolk.

I asked the boss why there is no egg yolk, and he said, “they all said that it is a solid egg.

How can there be egg yolk?” The baked egg looks like the surface of the moon, and tastes alkaline.

QQ bullet.

It turns out that the solid eggs are made of eggs.

Add alkaline water into the egg liquid, stir it, pour it back into the egg shell, or put it in other containers, and steam it in the pot for 10 minutes to make the Northeast solid eggs.

They like to eat it baked or fried.

After lunch, Maqiaohe town came out.

The weather suddenly changed.

It was much colder.

It was going to rain, so we had to speed up.

On the road, I saw many bags of things like sawdust and earth falling on the ground, wondering what it was.

I don’t know what it is.

On the way, I asked an uncle in an ox cart what it is.

He didn’t know what I was talking about.

I feel that for those who have not heard the southern accent, it makes no difference whether I speak Mandarin or Cantonese.

I can’t understand it anyway.

It was not until I saw a field with such small bags standing inside, some standing on the ground alone, some hanging in strings, that I remembered that it should be agaric, and one bag of bacteria.

This area is the production area of agaric.

It was more than 3:00 p.m.

and there were still 30 kilometers to the destination Suiyang town today.

A downhill almost killed me.

My hands were numb with cold, and the air I breathed was cold.

At this time, it began to rain.

It was light rain but not heavy rain.

I didn’t wear a raincoat.

I accelerated my speed.

The main reason was that there was no shelter on the road.

One hour later, I came to a village.

I didn’t know what it was called.

There was a road construction project department.

I went in to hide from the rain and felt that the temperature had dropped by 10 degrees.

I sat in the project department for more than an hour, but there was no one in the project department.

There were several cars parked at the gate.

I think there were people inside.

I plan to ask if I can camp later.

At 5:30, someone came down from the second floor.

I told him to hide from the rain.

He said that he would go out after a while.

I felt it was impossible to camp here.

After a while, the man came back and said that he would close the door.

He asked me to leave, filled a bucket of water and left.

It’s drizzling outside, and I don’t know where to go.

Walking forward to a square, two women sat on a three wheeled electric vehicle and stopped at the roadside.

I asked if it was the village committee.

They said yes.

I asked if they could set up a camp.

They said they could set up any tents outside.

I said it rained, but it was OK inside.

They said what tents were set up inside (they thought the tents were for outdoor use).

They laughed and said they didn’t know.

The accountant of the village committee was here, Point it out to me and let me ask.

When she came to the accountant’s door and knocked, a girl came out.

She was about 10 years old.

She was afraid of strangers.

I asked if there were any adults at home? She nodded.

I asked if I could call an adult? She nodded again and went into the room.

When a woman came out, I asked if she was an accountant of the village committee.

She said no.

she asked me what I was doing.

I said it was convenient for the village committee to put up a tent for the night.

She went in and called out a man.

He said that he could camp outside, but there were data files inside.

He thanked him and left.

When I came to the only hotel in the village, the 20 yuan environment was too bad to live in.

It’s only 15 kilometers to Suiyang Town, and it’s raining and getting dark.

I’m embarrassed.

Standing at the gate of the small hotel, I found a brand-new building with seven or eight floors not far away.

I rode over to have a look.

It turned out that there was a forest farm here.

The new building was their residential building.

There were several pavilions in the square in front of the door.

There was no way out of heaven! The pavilion is big and wide.

It’s no problem to escape the rain.

I went to the canteen to recharge and bought two eggs and bread.

I boiled the two stolen corn and ate them.

The owner of the canteen learned that I was biking and camping in the pavilion.

He said that I could live in the elderly activity center nearby.

It was so cold and rainy outside, so I could live there.

It’s even better.

There are beds, toilets, water and electricity inside.

It’s amazing.

After dinner in the pavilion, I went to camp.

It was refreshing..