Huangpu Changling Street cycling greenway runs through the whole line! Outline the colorful “slow life” in the neighborhood

“Di -” with the sound of a starting gun, bicycles rushed out of the starting gate and drove to the mountains and forests to feel the joy of swimming.

On the same day, Changling Street cycling greenway officially announced that the whole line was open to the public.

On January 18, the “healthy and happy riding · meeting green Changling” Changling street riding greenway was fully opened and the theme party day activity of “national fitness · low carbon life” was held at the riding crossing of Guangzhou Shantou highway (Changping section), attracting many cyclists from Guangzhou Experimental School of Beijing Normal University and other participating cyclists.

They experienced the speed and passion of riding through a series of interesting challenges and photo clocking, such as slow Riding Challenge, obstacle riding and relay PK race.

Greenway Construction is not only an ecological project, but also a livelihood project.

It is understood that as the main trunk road connecting Tianhe District, Huangpu District and Zengcheng District, the geographical location of Guangshan highway is particularly important.

However, the municipal supporting facilities on both sides of Guangshan highway (Changping Jinkeng section) are not perfect, and the landscape along the road is not integrated with the overall urban environment, which can not meet the traffic needs of the neighborhood people.

Improving the surrounding facilities and connecting the greenway has become a major appeal of the masses.

In recent years, Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone have made great efforts to promote the construction of various infrastructure projects such as wanlibi road and Guangzhou Shantou highway riding greenway, build a greenway network system, further guide the public to green travel and low-carbon life, promote ecological and environmental protection, and effectively optimize and improve the “new beauty” of urban construction and the “new quality” of people’s life.

In this regard, Changling street, district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and district construction management center carry out the construction of Guangzhou Shantou highway riding greenway, build a green ecological corridor showing Changling landscape resources, a happiness corridor conforming to the people’s expectations to improve the quality of life, and a development corridor contributing to the revitalization of Changling countryside and the integration of industry and city.

At present, the cycling Greenway in Changling street, which is open all over the line, integrates multiple functions such as cycling, walking, sightseeing and leisure.

The greenway has a total length of 4.28 km, with a maximum altitude of 118 meters and a minimum altitude of 12 meters.

The route runs from the entrance and exit of the North Second Ring Expressway of Guangzhou Shantou highway to the top of libo’ao, passing through the South Gate of Zhongxin knowledge city, becoming an important link between Science City and knowledge city.

The small greenway is connected with green water and green mountains at one end and the well-being of people’s livelihood at the other end.

After the completion of the cycling Greenway in Changling street, while providing a good place for citizens to walk, ride, go outing and enjoy the green, the landscape humanities of Changping, huangdeng, jute and other villages are also connected along the way.

A beautiful picture of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature with mountains as the vein and water as the soul leaps in front of us, outlining the colorful “slow life” of the neighborhood.

Previously, Changling street also built the first national mountaineering fitness trail in Guangdong Province – Changling national mountaineering fitness trail.

The person in charge of Changling street said that in 2022, Changling Street will accelerate the construction of Changling national mountaineering and fitness trail, the 10km science and technology industrial belt of Guangshan Road, the core area of “Changling gate future city” and the Northern Rural Revitalization demonstration area, and strive to build a new Changling with high-quality integrated development of landscape and urban and rural areas, so as to contribute to the integrated development of urban and rural areas in Huangpu District and promote national fitness Make “Changling contribution” to the cause of sports power, so that the people have more sense of gain, happiness and satisfaction.

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