Huang Tian: Riding on the country road

He once came down to the Tomb City.

Huang Tian, an educator, currently teaches in Huangtan Primary School and likes to record life in words.

When the sun sets on the country road, I ride a small donkey and take the Chinese teacher in my class to shuttle on the country road.

She held a gift for her students, which was a schoolbag printed with “Astronaut”.

The sunlight just shines on the pattern, and the astronauts seem to have gained unlimited power and shine with their own light.

We all have smiles on our faces.

As a Party member teacher, how meaningful it is to do something for the students and light up their little wishes! The lane in the countryside is getting narrower and narrower, and the road becomes pitted.

The wind blows our hair and turns our faces red.

The blue iron plate at the entrance of the village is engraved with three big characters, “Open your mouth to me”! “Here we are!” I couldn’t help shouting excitedly! “But where are we going to find him?” I couldn’t help wondering.

At this time, a trembling old man just came out of the bungalow.

She is full of silver hair, with time marks on her face, but she is hale and hearty.

“Granny, do you know where Yang Yu’s home is?” I asked familiar questions.

The old man stared at us with turbid eyes.

We both wore work clothes with the party emblem on them.

Under the touch of the sun, the party emblem shines! “Are you a party member?” The old man’s voice was hoarse.

“Yes! We are Party members and teachers! I came to visit Yang Yu today.” I replied with a smile.

The old man’s face suddenly blossomed a flower.

It was the person who had been illuminated by the Party’s brilliance! “Teacher, please come in quickly.

I’m Yang Yu’s grandmother! This is Yang Yu’s home.” Our hearts were so happy.

We were so lucky that we found the right place at once.

We were welcomed into the door by the old man.

The family has the unique warmth of farmers, “plows, hoes, ladders, spades…” everything.

The old man brought the bench and wiped it with a cloth.

Let’s sit down.

“Grandma” sounded like a child, and the figure jumped out.

It was Yang Yu who came back from outside.

“Teacher, how did you come?” The child found us.

When he saw us, he suddenly became shy, as if he was a little embarrassed.

“The teachers came to see you! Last time we agreed with you that as long as you study hard, we will realize your wish.

The teacher found that your present schoolbag seemed to be broken in one place! Look, what gifts we brought you!” When the new schoolbag was displayed in front of him, I saw the shock and excitement in his eyes.

What kind of ineffable it is.

Instead of being shy, he held his schoolbag and thanked “Thank you, teacher! Thank you, teacher! I like it so much!” “Teachers, how can you spend money on this? You didn’t drink any water when you came to our house and bought Yang Yu a gift.” The old man’s face showed a sense of shame.

“Grandma, don’t mention it! We are the successors of communism, and we should shine down the glory of the Party!” The old man’s eyes were wet, as if moved, as if grateful.

“Teacher, you don’t know that Yang Yu’s mother is seriously ill.

She has to take medicine for a long time, and she can’t live without people around her.

Without help, his father took her out to work.

Yang Yu was brought by an old woman like me when he was young.

No one ever gave him a gift.

He is very filial.

He cleans all the dirty parts of the house.

Sometimes when I am sick, he still cooks for me.

We can’t help him in his studies, and it is up to him.

He said that he would study hard, earn a lot of money in the future, and treat his mother…

“The old man talked a lot.

Yang Yu holds his new schoolbag and stands beside her happily.

When he hears that his mother is ill, he will frown.

I couldn’t help holding his shoulder and gently said, “Come on, let’s take happy photos and let your mother see your brilliant smiling face!” After the family visit, the old man and her grandson kept sending us to the village road, and they waved goodbye to us.

I looked back and saw that the old and the young were in the sun.

The picture was beautiful! We once again rode on the country road…

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