How to reduce the impact and get on the road more lightly when riding?

If fairies also ride bicycles, they will never break the frame, fork or wheel, because they are too light and gentle.

You are much heavier, but no matter how heavy you are, you can improve your technology and make your car think that you are 15-30 kg lighter than you are.

The methods are as follows: 1.

Lift the front wheel when riding over the concave convex.

When the front wheel approaches the concave convex, while stepping down, gently pull the handle to move the center of gravity backward.

In this way, a person who weighs 110kg seems to have only 80kg.


When cycling, hold the handlebar tightly, but don’t hold it tightly.

Relax the joints and use the body as a spring to absorb the impact caused by the bumpy road.


Look as far as you can and give yourself plenty of time to bypass the bumpy road, so you don’t need to use the first two technologies.


For a long bumpy road, leave the seat slightly and gently clamp the seat with your legs.

In this way, the weight can be distributed between the two pedals and the seat / seat lever, so that neither position will be impacted.

The guide rail of the seat is usually damaged because it is too heavy to ride.

Light riding can protect your seat.


Use a slightly wider and softer outer tire than usual.

When you accidentally hit an obstacle, the softer outer tire can absorb more impact and protect your body and bicycle.

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