How to reasonably reduce the discomfort caused by the cushion when riding?

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Everyone has experienced ass discomfort during riding.

The main performance is that the part contacting the cushion sometimes feels uncomfortable or painful.

So how can we effectively prevent these symptoms? I.

feel carefully.

If your lower part begins to feel stiff when riding, you can’t ignore the damage caused by the cushion.

If you think this is just a process, you will gradually practice “iron fart skill” and adapt, you are wrong.

If you continue to ride regardless of the danger signal sent by your body, you may have more serious consequences.


Lift your ass from the cushion.

Even if you don’t climb the slope, standing up and leaving the cushion every 10-15 minutes will help your blood flow smoothly.


check the position of the cushion, carefully and correctly debug the vehicle, especially the appropriate cushion height will often produce obvious riding feeling improvement, and can also prevent you from twisting on the cushion.


wear appropriate clothes.

A fit riding pants with pads will play a very good protective role.

A little skin cream can further reduce friction and play an obvious protective role.


maintaining personal hygiene can prevent the occurrence of various bacterial infections.

Wear clean riding pants every time, and avoid sitting around when sweat soaks them.


choose a good cushion.

Everyone’s hip shape is different, and no cushion can be suitable for everyone.

Don’t be silly to think that big and fat cushions are the best for your butt.

Sometimes those thin and slender very thin cushions are more comfortable.

Although over time, the cushion that has been sitting for a long time will slowly begin to deform to suit your hip shape, this is precisely because it was not suitable for your ass and is also the culprit of back and lumbosacral pain.

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