How to park a bicycle without foot support

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We don’t advocate installing foot supports.

What should we do when we need to park outside? Here, some riders use the things at hand and the surrounding environment to display their magic ways to place their cars.

Let’s study together! GCN, an internationally renowned bicycle website, shares eight parking modes for your reference.


The handlebars lean against the wall 02.

Turn up and down 03.

Hook the railing 04.

The rear wheels lean against the wall 05.

Support the front and rear together 06.

The cushion rests against the wall 07.

Fall to the ground (the side with the rear transmission should face up) 08.

The two cars lean against each other 09.

Use the road teeth to support the foot pedal on it.

Finally, remind us that when parking, pay attention to avoid the rear transmission directly touching the support surface; This reduces transmission damage and affects transmission accuracy.

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