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How long does the escalator of the Second Ring Road BRT station run? Why are the colored lights on the yunlongwan bridge in Huayang street not lit recently The 485 issue of “folk Echo Wall” focuses on the following urban public facilities.

The reply is coming! Quick stamp 👇 Q # riding safety guarantee # @ a citizen: there is a sharp turn on the downhill road of No.

3 lake of Jincheng lake.

Can you add safety warning signs? Chengdu Xingcheng group: according to the investigation, the number of cyclists in the whole ring of the Eco Park is increasing day by day.

In order to ensure the personal safety of citizens and tourists in the park, our company arranges on-site order personnel to patrol along the park, and advises tourists who ride too fast and uncivilized.

Meanwhile, our company has set up various warm tips along the park to remind tourists to turn slowly, slow down on downhill roads and keep to the right.

For the downhill road problem of Jincheng Lake No.

3 mentioned by you, our company will add a warm reminder safety warning board.

In the next step, our company will continue to strengthen the management of the park, improve the frequency of on-site patrols, and provide a good experience for citizens and tourists.

AQ # bus station escalator running time # @ a citizen: how long is the running time of the escalator at the BRT station of the second ring road? City Bus Group: according to the investigation, according to the formulated escalator management system, the original operation time of escalators at all stations of BRT on the second ring road is: 7:00-20:00 for the escalators on the ground floor and 7:00-21:00 for the escalators on the station hall floor (about 12 hours).

In view of this situation, according to the operating environment of the escalator of the BRT on the Second Ring Road, we set the operating time of the escalator as 7:00-21:00 on the ground floor and 7:00-22:00 (about 13-14 hours) on the station hall floor in June 2020 by referring to the operating time (about 12 hours) of the escalator in large commercial supermarkets and combining the actual situation of the operating environment and demand of our escalator.

In order to meet the needs of most people in the morning The travel demand and passenger flow of BRT in the three peak periods in the evening have been adjusted, and the indoor and outdoor elevators of some stations have been extended for one hour.

The set running time of the escalator has greatly exceeded the continuous running time recommended by the escalator manufacturer (the running time of the elevator shall be publicized at the entrance and exit of the elevator).

AQ # fitness and sports facilities construction # @ citizen Mr.

Wang: there was a basketball court near Qinghe Sunshine Community on Yuehua Road, which was demolished.

When will a new basketball court be built? Qingyang District: after investigation and verification, the fitness and sports facilities will be built in the greenway project.

The greenway project will be put into construction by bidding this month and strive to be completed in October this year.

AQ # lighting of yunlongwan bridge # @ citizen Mr.

Chen: Why are the colored lights on the yunlongwan bridge in Huayang street, Tianfu new district not lit recently? Tianfu New Area: after verification, the ecological environment and Urban Management Bureau has arranged personnel to verify the Guangcai situation.

At present, the Guangcai light needs to be turned off in accordance with the requirements of the city to meet the peak and save electricity in summer.

The opening time should be reasonably turned on according to the requirements of the city.

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