How to check the bike before riding?

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As the saying goes: sharpening the knife does not mistake firewood cutting workers, and those who are suitable for a hundred miles live and pound rice.

Before we ride out, we must make preparations in advance, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, and repair and eliminate faults and hidden dangers in time, which is also an important link of riding safety! So how to check the bike before riding? 1.

Overall observation before each departure, the car should be checked in detail, which parts seem to be loose or wrong.

The more carefully you observe your car, the more you can understand it and find its differences.

2, vehicle settings, if you are not riding your own car, remember to adjust the seat position of the bicycle before cycling, the height of the handlebar, and so on, so that the bicycle can be fitted with its own situation.


The compactness of the combination of various parts of the mountain bike needs to be confirmed.

Because in the process of riding, some parts in the car are often loose, resulting in parts sliding or poor function, which leads to drivers needing to stop for repair and delays the speed of the journey.

Therefore, before going out, the parts of the whole vehicle, especially those important parts with joint parts, need to be tightened with tools to confirm that there is no looseness.

Check whether the quick disassembly of front and rear wheels and seat cushion rods are locked, whether the handlebars are fixed, and whether other screws are loose.


Brake first check the sensitivity of the front and rear wheel brakes, try pulling the brake handle to see if the feel can stop smoothly.

By the way, check whether the brake skin is worn or embedded with foreign matters.

In addition, when braking the front brake, shake the body back and forth.

If there is a shaking gap, it means that the front wrist must be readjusted.

The brake pad is easy to be ignored, especially when the brake has been in service for a period of time or comes back from the rain battle.

At this time, it is necessary to check whether the thickness of the brake pad is thinner and whether the thickness is average.

If it is worn, it should be replaced or adjusted in time.

When the brake is used for a certain period of time and there are problems of rubbing and abnormal noise, remember to check the caliper and disc.


Check whether the crank and other parts are loose and whether the pedal is locked correctly, and check all quick disassembly parts.

Check whether the bell can make a sound and whether the use is smooth; Check whether the lamp brightness is sufficient.


After starting the transmission, first try to change the front speed and rear speed respectively.

Whether it can smoothly change to all speeds and whether there will be strange noises.


The front and rear wheels clap the front wheels to see if the wheels are loose.

If the front wheel is loose, falls or has a flat tire, it will cause very serious injury to the rider.

If the rear wheel is loose, it will cause slipping.

Pay attention to check the wear of the bicycle outer tire.

If the wear degree is already large and the surface is smooth, it means that it is easy to have a tire burst or other accidents.

At this time, the Xiaobian suggests that a new outer tire should be replaced, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the riding process.


Tire pressure carefully check the tire pressure.

You can press the tire.

If it is insufficient, hit it to the appropriate pressure.

Or sit in the car and observe the length of the contact surface between the tire and the ground.

Also remember to check the tread for scars, wear, nails, glass and other foreign matters.

Remember to step on it with air feet.

In addition, we should focus on checking the wear degree of bicycle outer tire.

If the outer tire was worn heavily and the surface was smooth at that time, it proved that the service life of the outer tire was not long, and it was likely that it would be prone to tire burst or other accidents during the journey.

In consideration of the safety of long-distance travel, it is suggested that you should replace a new tire, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the riding process.


Chain check whether the chain rotates smoothly, because the road conditions are unpredictable during riding.

Especially in the competition, the riding intensity will be much higher than usual.

If there are hidden dangers in the chain, it is very easy to break the chain or block the main transmission during the competition, resulting in safety accidents.


Auxiliary equipment pay attention to check the function of auxiliary equipment.

For example, for lamps, locators, piggyback racks, etc., pay attention to ensure the quality of the equipment, and avoid finding the equipment failure when it is needed on the road, which can not solve the need in time.


Helmets are very important for long-distance or short-distance riding and must be worn; Before traveling, you need to check whether the helmet is damaged or not.

If the helmet has experienced a car crash, even if it looks normal, please be sure to replace it with a new helmet! If you like this article, just click it ~ ~ ~..