How to achieve training, rest and body recovery in high-intensity cycling?

In cycling, exercise is to enhance physical strength, and rest is to ride longer and farther.

Only when the two are properly combined to maximize the benefits, can we hope to show the best physical condition.

Many riders neglect the maximum endurance of their bodies in order to strengthen training, which leads to excessive training and physical disorder.

Everything has a limit.

Grasping the limit and creating excellent state is not only the pursuit of ordinary people, but also extremely important for competitors and athletes.

Super intensity training must allow the body to rest for 2-3 days, and during this period, you cannot accept intensity training again.

The body needs to repair injured muscles.

There are principles and preconditions for the recovery of the body, which can be attributed to the process of the system, the time and materials to be repaired in the process.

This training is repeated for a long time.

Only by persisting slowly can the body have a better response and make the muscles stronger.

Of course, there is no hurry in the process.

Training is to achieve better results, and rest is to eliminate fatigue and make the body stronger.

Over training will produce syndromes: 1.

Undernutrition: protein deficiency causes the human body to be unable to repair damaged muscles in time.

If the diet is abnormal or the diet is excessive due to weight loss, malnutrition is likely to occur.


Insufficient heat: In training, people with insufficient heat will decompose muscle tissue to provide energy, especially those who lose weight.


Excessive pressure: If the pressure is too high, the mental damage will be extremely bad, leading to a bad mood, thus turning from the spirit to the body, causing certain harm.

Coping strategies: 1.

Pay attention to the details of training: reduce the amount of training, increase the sleep time, implement some sports massage or apply the ointment to relieve fatigue, so that the body can get a relief.


Change diet: determine the energy intake, make the energy intake and exercise expenditure reach a certain balance, maintain an appropriate proportion, and take comprehensive vitamins and B vitamins to repair injured nerves.


Pay attention to normal maintenance: don’t let your body catch cold, protect the trained body parts, and wear leg and arm covers.

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