How much do you know about outdoor riding| Today’s order

My business is a long story.

My bike shop x Lao Wang | Outdoor riding hot knowledge.

Small cloth/big ride/bird bike/folding/road/cross-country analysis one by one.

Outdoor riding has become more and more popular in the past two years, becoming the traffic commanding height on some social media.

Whether it’s commuting or sports, social or fashion, how do we choose a variety of models? What is your own driving scene? What are the characteristics of various popular brand models? In this episode, Tang went to a bicycle shop to talk with the boss, Lao Wang…

FM106.9 Time: 08:00 Business is just like this.

Roger Federer announced that he would retire on September 15, 2022.

The three anchors are all Federer fans.

Seeing this news, they immediately gave up their original plan and used this 81st episode to pay tribute to the legendary athlete born in 1981.

In terms of athletic achievements, Federer may not even be the best tennis player of this era.

After all, Nadal and Djokovic are great enough.

In fact, they may be the three greatest players in tennis history, which is also the luck of tennis fans in this era.

However, in terms of commercial value, Federer is undoubtedly the leader, and even the top in the entire sports industry.

To achieve this, he relies not only on his highly ornamental performance on the court and personal charm, but also on many well considered business decisions.

In this program, we will take you into Federer’s huge business world through his three important business cases in the late career.

I believe you will know more about this person after listening.

The Laval Cup, which began on September 23, will be the last tennis tournament Federer participated in as a professional player.

This is the end of Roger’s journey, and the next journey has already begun.

FM106.9 Broadcasting time: 07:00, 09:00 Hard Core Reading Club What can work bring us besides money| Hello Cao Ning x Fu Jie, you have heard a program jointly created by us and the stinging youth.

Today, we invited two special guests to talk about work related matters.

When talking about a job, what do you pay attention to first? I think what most of us probably saw at the beginning was salary and welfare – after all, work can’t just “generate electricity with love”.

Besides money, what can work bring us? Where does the “sense of gain” of work come from? In the work, what should we do if there is social fear, if there is great pressure, and if we don’t want to face colleagues? Today, two guests with different backgrounds and work experiences – Cao Ning, the anchor of Xianning Seven, and Fu Jie from AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical company – will talk with us about what they think is a good job.

FM106.9 Broadcasting time: 17:00 West Four and Five Points | Talk to Jia Xingjia about comedy: where is the charm of talk show? This is a cross talk program with Radio Beijing News.

The program is called “The Story of the Editorial Department”.

The host is Mr.

Li Lei, and the guests include Mr.

Jia Xingjia and the constable.

The Story of the Editorial Department is mainly about books.

This time, we talked about a Mook called “The Secret of Comedy: From Talk Show”, which was edited by Mr.

Jia Xingjia.

In the program, we talked about Northeast comedy, the concept and threshold of talk show, talent and cultivation of talk show actors, etc.

FM106.9 Broadcasting time: 19:00 Scan the QR code to listen to the program, select “PoPoPod Podcast Radio” to listen to the network channel: search the podcast name in each podcast platform to listen to the editor | brilliant editor | Liu Ningsha, Li Liwei, brilliant..