How many stupid things have you done after riding for so long?

Xiaobian sorted out 15 common stupid things in cycling.

Please take your seat by yourself.

Are you still doing these stupid things after cycling for so long? 01 don’t make sudden moves during the procession of the team, and be sure to maintain a stable riding action.

Because of the progress of a team, there is nothing like the emergence of a hairy driver to disrupt the overall progress of the car.

02 the stupidest way to climb a slope is to step on the pedal.

In fact, you need to make good use of your tooth position transformation in order to keep you stable when climbing a slope.

03 don’t let go of your hands to ride a bike in the team.

Be sure to keep your palm on the top of the brake handle, the down bending handle or the handlebar close to the standpipe.

Once you do this, you will be scolded by other drivers; And letting go of your hands means you have to use your elbows to control the movement of the car, which is not easy to control the direction.

If you encounter an emergency brake and your hands are too far away from the brake grip, you still have to sit up suddenly to find their position.

At that time, it will only make you busy.

04 although it is difficult to cross the difficult road, you should not change to the highest gear when climbing.

Be sure to choose the appropriate gear that allows you to pass the slope smoothly.

If you want to maintain the momentum and adjust to the highest gear to cross the roots and stones smoothly, it’s understandable, but once you’re not fast enough, you’ll suddenly stop halfway.

05 when riding, some people always habitually stare at the obstacles on the road.

As a result, they clearly want to avoid, but finally hit them impartially.

The reason is simple: the car moves with your line of sight.

If you keep your eyes on the obstacle, your bike will naturally move towards it.

06 don’t tighten your upper body and ride desperately.

Be sure to relax your palms, arms and facial muscles.

Try to relax.

Use your upper body as another shock absorber to absorb the vibration from the road.

It is said that this can avoid falling.

07 when climbing the slope, don’t suddenly stand up and ride.

Be sure to move your hips away from the seat slowly with gentle and smooth movements.

When you suddenly stand up and climb the slope, the bicycle will have a slight tendency to recoil.

The body swinging left and right will offset the power of the front wheels and frighten the people around you into a cold sweat.

08 when turning, the inner pedal should not be below, and the center of gravity must be placed on the outer pedal.

If you put the inner pedal down, it is easy to fall down.

To make a safe turn, you have to stop stepping when you approach the corner and let the outer pedal face down.

09 when the team is riding, don’t let the spacing of the vehicle array open.

Be sure to keep behind the wheels of the car in front.

If you are in the middle of the team and separate from the pilot car, it will take you a lot of effort to catch up, and the drivers behind you will be so hard.

10 don’t accelerate when you take the lead in the team.

Be sure to keep the speed of the group stable.

The team performs best when the speed is stable.

No matter under any circumstances, we should not accelerate rashly.

Such acceleration will increase the distance between us and the next team.

11 don’t keep staring at the driver in front.

Be sure to look around at the drivers who are following.

Keep your head up and look through the driver in front of you, so that you can see the road ahead and make some disposal actions for abnormalities or risk factors in advance when there is plenty of time.

12 when riding, you should protect your front wheels.

Don’t let them run parallel to the wheels of the front car.

You must ride one to three feet behind the front car.

Imagine that if the driver in front suddenly turns or deviates, the driver behind will hit him head-on.

13 do not climb the slope in a sitting position all the way.

Be sure to change the hip position in time and ride in a standing position occasionally.

Many riders will forget to alternate between standing and sitting every few minutes.

If your position remains the same, the same muscle will be easily tired, and your efficiency and riding fun will disappear.

Don’t ride hard in the rain.

Be sure to learn some simple skills for turning on wet roads.

15 don’t push forward against the wind.

When encountering strong wind, be sure to dodge wisely and wait patiently for the wind to slow down…