How important it is to relax your upper body when riding!

[Relax the upper part of your body, and put your weight on your feet] Cycling is an endurance sport.

You must learn how to maintain your physical strength before you can reach the level of not being tired after long distance riding.

One of the key points is to “relax your upper body”.

Put the weight of trampling on the foot, because as long as the upper body is tense, the hands will grip tightly, the more tightly the hands grip, and the muscles of the chin, shoulder, and back will also become stiff and tense, which is a very natural and coherent response of the human body, but such action will make your riding more digesting and laborious.

[The most relaxed and labor-saving posture of gently clasping the handlebars with both hands] The key to the relaxed and labor-saving grip posture is that the hands are gently “clasped” on the handlebars, not tightly held.

Just like practicing Tai Chi, imagine holding a bird in your hand.

If you hold it too tightly, the bird will suffocate.

If you hold it too loosely, the bird will fly away.

The grip of a bicycle is the same as this.

Too loose or too tight force is applied in the wrong way.

Relax your hands when cycling, not to put your hands away from the handlebars.

Some people will release their hands when cycling, as if they are performing stunts.

This is a very dangerous action.

Especially when going downhill, one hand or both hands must not be put aside.

The same is true for bicycles with small wheel diameters.

Once upon a time, when a competitor reached the end of a race, he raised his hands while riding his bike to welcome the end of the victory.

As a result, he threw everyone together at the end of the race.

[Elbows slightly, elbows facing the sky] It is not because the era of energy conservation and carbon reduction is coming that we should advocate energy conservation, but when riding, we should have learned to “save energy” to exchange the minimum energy for the maximum efficiency.

In addition to the ease of the upper body, the elbow is slightly bent, and the elbow is facing the sky, which is also an example of pushing a thousand pounds.

A correct posture can save energy.

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