High quality riding trendy products of young people | evaluation of “little Seagull” of Lvliang electric vehicle

The “little Seagull” (tdt034z) of chaoku Lvliang electric vehicle is the representative of the chaoku culture of Lvliang family.

Young people have a smart and handsome Emma electric vehicle, which adds color to their youth and brightens their temperament ~ ~ in terms of appearance, the front face of Lvliang “little Seagull” adopts automobile grade lens headlights and closed design.

The shape of the whole front is also relatively full, which is not only atmospheric, It also shows a sense of technology.

The green and bright small seagull instrument panel adopts super large broadband, color digital display and semi suspended design, which has better visual effect and richer data.

The SOC accurate power display is configured, which is very good.

▲ in terms of power, Lvliang little seagull is equipped with 400W high-strength motor and 48v24ah high-capacity lithium battery, and its one-time endurance can reach more than 45km; The rear disc brake disc configured in the brake system can fully realize the “soft landing” in emergency braking and stand steadily! In terms of comfort, Lvliang “little Seagull” adopts ergonomic design and adopts a high rebound cushion.

The sofa level falls into a sitting feeling and fits the human body curve.

The front pedal feet can be placed freely and can be easily ridden without tiptoe.

In addition, the green and bright “little Seagull” adopts a soft grip, so that the rider is not tired for a long time.

Shock absorption adopts long stroke bold shock absorption to effectively reduce the damage of vibration to the spine.

▲ friends of Lvliang little seagull who like Lvliang “little Seagull” can go to Lvliang direct store.

The direct store of the headquarters is located at 2258 Hongmei South Road, Minhang District (next to the gate of Lvliang science and Technology Park).

For the addresses of Direct stores in other urban areas, please dial the manual customer service hotline of Lvliang headquarters: 400-880-6262…