Here comes Nanjing cycling map! Ride in the forest and catch the sunset together!

Route: Zhongshan South Road – Yingtian elevated road – G25 Changshen Expressway – Yaohu road – Wan’an West Road – Pavel road – Shangshe road – to (she Village) “Xiaochuan Tibetan line”, also known as “Bantang line”, is an 8.5km rural road located in Jiangning District, Nanjing.

She village, the “first ancient village of Jinling”, is tied at one end, and Tangshan Longshang, a beautiful and modern one, is tied at the other end.

Picture source: in the 2.8km winding mountain road of Nanjing Jiangning cultural and sports tour, there are 38 consecutive curves.

Cyclists who love challenges express their real names! Picture source: Nanjing Jiangning cultural and sports tour runs through the “Jiangning Xiaochuan Tibetan line”.

The cool mountain wind washes out the brand-new green, the mountain flowers are brilliant, and the birds are singing.

You can hear the mountains breathing deeply.

Picture source: the whole road of Nanjing Jiangning cultural and sports tour crosses the north and south of Qinglong mountain, and the whole road is covered with green shade.

Whether you ride or drive, you can enjoy physical and mental freedom.

Route: yaochi mountain villa Yaxi international slow city youzishan National Forest Park WUJIAZUI tropical Valley Qiqiao ancient village Gaochun has a highway with immortal appearance Gaochun slow city line.

It was rated as one of the “ten most beautiful rural roads” in 2019.

Picture source: Gaochun released that the slow city line is 15.68 kilometers long.

Along the way, it not only crosses the Yaxi international slow city tourist scenic spot, but also crosses the two towns and streets of Dongba and Yaxi, and also connects the characteristic pastoral villages such as daren’ao and Longshang village.

The mountains in the north, the hilly vegetation in the middle and the tea gardens and farmland on both sides of the road form a beautiful landscape on the slow city line.

Route: Kunlun road – Taicheng road – Xijia Datang – Jimingsi road – Beijing East Road – Longpan road – Taipingmen – Baima park near Xuanwu Gate.

Those who like to ride around Xuanwu Lake will not be unfamiliar with the line.

Riding all the way, you can have a panoramic view of the landscape city forest, the Ming City nostalgia, the ancient cock crowing, the small Jiuhua, and the Taicheng willow.

On the way, you can climb the Xuanwu Gate Wall, visit the scenic spots such as “exploring the secluded Ming City”, “ancient reading platform” and “ancient Jiming Temple”.

Picture source: @ light and shadow swordsman n route: White Horse Park – Biwa Lake – Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum – Zhongshan Mausoleum – Linggu Temple – ride along the green road around Zijin Mountain on huanling road.

Let’s have a range rover journey to find green.

Zijin Mountain is colorful in autumn.

Cycling shuttles between the mountains and forests, enjoying the beauty of zero distance contact with nature ~ picture source: @ light and shadow swordsman n route: Shangyuanmen – Mufu mountain – Yangtze River Guanyin Scenic Area – Yanziji Muyan Binjiang Avenue.

The whole route is about 16 kilometers and takes about 1.5 hours.

Starting from Shangyuanmen, you can reach Yanziji through Mufu mountain and Yangtze River Guanyin scenic area.

Muyan riverside scenic area alone owns six of the 48 scenic spots in Jinling.

It may be the most spectacular river scenery belt in Nanjing.

It is nicknamed “Nanjing little Bund”.

On the left is the rolling Yangtze River, and on the right is the rolling green mountains.

Classical and poetic, this scene is absolutely unique in Nanjing.

Route: ningdan highway – Yinxing Lake Avenue – Huanglong Xian.

Huanglong Xian has beautiful scenery, which attracts many cycling enthusiasts.

The figure of bicycles and the natural scenery of mountains and rivers form an interesting contrast.

If you don’t ride it in person, you can’t appreciate the beauty of Huanglongxian’s Xanadu.

Along the way, you can enjoy the Huanglong Xian tea cultural tourism village hidden in the depths of Yunshan mountain.

Keep going west along the road and feast your eyes.

Take advantage of the cool weather and the scenery to visit these six cycling routes!..