Helmet wearing and safety first for riding — special rectification activities for riding electric vehicles carried out by high tech

In order to implement the regulations on the standardized management of riding electric vehicles, high tech sanitation actively carried out special rectification activities, held meetings at all levels to convey the deployment, posted banners to create an atmosphere, and specially assigned personnel to supervise to ensure that the helmets should be worn as much as possible.

At the same time, all sanitation personnel were required to make an appointment for listing as soon as possible, which effectively improved the safety level of riding electric vehicles.

“Riding safety is the most important, safety helmets should be worn”, “riding helmets, safety first”…

Various banners posted in various workplaces remind the environmental sanitation workers to set an example and abide by the regulations.

The number of sanitation workers is large, and the operation tools also include electric vehicles.

The riding safety of electric vehicles must be paid attention to.

During working hours, the inspectors checked the wearing of helmets one by one to ensure that each employee carried out according to the requirements.

Through education, publicity and supervision, the Environmental Sanitation Center has implemented the safety of electric vehicle riding, ensuring the safety of the majority of environmental sanitation workers.

I would like to remind you that the Spring Festival is coming.

Please adhere to the same principle, never forget safety, form habits, and jointly create a good and standardized work safety environment for the Spring Festival…